America IS Egypt! (LITERALLY!) Here’s Actual PROOF!!!

Are there really distinct similarities between America and Egypt?

Here’s proof that there are so many similarities — similarities you may have never known:

When you first look at modern Egypt today, what do you see? What sticks out?

Of course: The Nile River!

Also known as “The Cradle of Civilization.”

Notice how the Nile flows through the ENTIRE country, with about 30% of land to the east of the River, and 70% to the west.

Where else have I seen that?


Known to America as “The Cradle of American Civilization.”

Note how about 30% of American land lies EAST of the River, with the other 70% WEST.

Also note how the Mississippi pretty much divides the ENTIRE nation, just as the Nile divides the ENTIRE nation of Egypt.


Notice a city in Egypt that lies directly on the Nile, called Memphis. Hmm… Where have I heard that before?

Also note the Djoser Stepped Pyramid of Saqqara (and the Pyramids of Giza — pictured above), which aren’t too far from Memphis, Egypt.

What other city happens to sit on a River?



And is there a Pyramid in Memphis, TN, just as there is in Memphis, Egypt?

OF COURSE! A Pyramid with a statue of Ramesses the Great right in front!

And this Pyramid just so happens to lie on the Mississippi — 

Just as the Pyramids of Giza lie ON THE NILE!!!

No coincidence at all!

But there’s still more!!!

Where else do you see this Sphinx and Pyramid together like this in America?


With a phallic obelisk right next to them!

WOW! No coincidence there!

But is that all?!

NO! There’s more!

As we can see in this authentic Egyptian hieroglyphic, and according to the Story of The Exodus, the Hebrews, also known as the Children of Israel, sojourned in Egypt for 430 years, and were ENSLAVED there for 400 years.

The Word of YAH tells us in Deuteronomy 28 that the Children of Israel would be brought again to Egypt IN SHIPS, and would be enslaved there for 400 years.

Was America ever under the period of ENSLAVEMENT?

YES!!! IT WAS! With “slaves” brought ON SHIPS!!!

When did slavery in America begin?

IN 1619!!!

Add another 400 years to that, and that brings us to 2019!!!

As you can see, America is modern-day Egypt, heavily embedded with sun/Sun-day worship, periods of slavery, pyramids, Sphinxes, and other phallic, abominable symbols and obelisks — most notably church steeples and skyscrapers.

Also notice the symbol of the Egyptian flag… an eagle! Or as I like to call it, a phoenix!

The same symbol for America! The “bald eagle!” A phoenix in disguise!!!

There are no coincidences; there are no surprises.

Nothing new is under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9).

America is modern-day Egypt — spiritually AND literally.

2019 will mark 400 years since the beginning of “American” slavery, which began in 1619.

And, just as we saw with the First Egypt — what happened to that Egypt during the period of Moses and the Children of Israel? The 10 Plagues. Just before The Exodus.

The 10 Plagues will SURELY come again to America — Modern Egypt. A Second Exodus is about to take place. MORE ON THAT HERE.

Will all this take place in 2019? 

Only YAH Knows!

Here’s my video for more info:


Author: TruthUnveiled777


14 thoughts on “America IS Egypt! (LITERALLY!) Here’s Actual PROOF!!!”

  1. Okay, if we suppose to been in slavery then that means everybody would have in slavery, but there were more free meteors than slaves negroes. Do anyone check the document census records, probate court records to confirm the slavery? It was mostly whites that were slaves, not indentured. The slavery numbers was extremely wrong. Did anyone acknowledged the slavery of shipped Americans to Europe?


    1. One the Negro are Native American whose numbers, genocide, slavery and oppression is under-reported in history textbooks you refer to. If you want proof you’ll have to spend a few months in the archives looking over everything from old ads to newspapers to letters to current period books to notices just to verify that what this author said is true. But their are many pyramids made by the Negro aka the Original Native Americans of America we call these pyramids today mounds and their makers the moundbuuilders


    2. Incorrect the Negros today are the Native American their numbers, history, genocide and oppression have been overlooked by historians…. You want the truth the Negros are both the Egyptians and Hebrew, they have been building Pyramids all over north and south american today called mounds and moundbuilders their makers. The history textbooks omit this you can it in the archives after months of research on letters, ads, diaries, newspapers, and many articles. Most forget Egypt was take over by Rome and the Egyptians were enslaved along side everyone else. Today American/Egypt is ruled by Rome/England-Pope.



      America is Egypt as is evidenced with the Smithsonian cover up of Egyptian/Kemetan artifacts in the Grand Canyon. Hebrew artifacts strewn throughtout the Americas from the N-S as four renown Mexican scholars agree the Negro were the first occupants ie Professor Constantine Rafinesque, Vicente Riva Palacio, Carlos Cuervo Marquez and Dr Nicolas Leo.
      Los Lunas Decalouge stone dates back to 107BCE is a 60ton limestone with Deut 27:2,3 ten commandments pliased in PaleoPhoenician surrounded by several other artifacts including a Sirius/Orion star map. Call the Star ✨ Mountain it is said we observed the $1💵 Star of 🔯 Bethlehem from there. In fact there are worldwide Orion star maps…


  2. America will never confess to her crimes of the enslavement of the biblical Israelites. These scriptures are relevent to the truth you have dicovered. Isaiah 11:11 as well as joel 3:19. The Most Hight God is returning to gather his people once again and finally we will be free!!!


  3. In fact Det.28:1-68 Shows that the so called Negro Native American Hispanic are in fact the tru children of God (Israelites)
    I recommend try research the Most High said Search for the truth till death!!We must wake up to who we are……we wasn’t physically brought here with are ansisters then but today we mentally effected from that…..question any thing set free go back to were it is from…..we were took and never returned to are home land for good…..God said that would happen but check out the old slave so go they knew they were the Israelites….. And they also knew the Most High was coming to save us in Chariot’s….Wake up Jacob (Shalom)


    1. Hispanics are not Hebrews neither are the modern day Native Americans nor any other mongoloid culture throughtout S America who possess Spanish inbreeding. The Indigeneous people are usually subjugated in these lands. Recently the Mexican government finally acknowledged the indigenous Mexicans ie Olmec/Mayans. Everything in Israel is black vs yellow.

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    The Bereshyt/Zep Tepi/Genesis 15:13,14 prophesied 400 years of captivity beginning 1619-2019 coincides with the 7,000 year conjunction of Virgo and Regulus Leo as it relates to Rev 12:1,2 woman clothed with the sun and moon beneath her feet in birthing pains ready to deliver the manchild Msshyac Immanuel and Hydra being contained by Ophicius the Serpent Bearer of the 13th leap month announcing, wait for it, the Feast of Trum🎺Pence on Sept 23, 2017. Two years later our 400 years in Egypt/Kem will be completed.


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