TIME Is Almost Up! TIME Reveals Merkel-Hitler Cover 77 Years Apart! Coincidence?!




Author: TruthUnveiled777


4 thoughts on “TIME Is Almost Up! TIME Reveals Merkel-Hitler Cover 77 Years Apart! Coincidence?!”

  1. Dear sister,
    I cannot thank thank thank thanking you ever enough, for my ten years in search for the truth, past March 18th exactly ten since I found, not satisfied enough in hunger and thirst in search for the absolute and concrete truth, to quench the thirsty of expecting and heart. 10 years of dilemma, add 40 years of academia all came to zilch. Till the I had stopped using the words, Jesus, Lord, stopped going to church on Sunday altogether, followed my heart instructions, instincts as guidance, I have absolutely overridden my my mind in almost all of my decisions dealing with my spiritual progress that was stagnant, till the days, weeks and last few months since
    I had started calling on YAHUAY and YAHUSHA by the proper names, as indicated, exactly lamenting in desperation and besiege HIM for help and rescue. I started looking to attend sabbath Saturday Service that is provided by Russian orthodox, then bumped into the book Enoch, followed by YAHWAY guiding me to your Chanel. I am shocked, we are shocked (including my wife) we are frozen in time, by all your revelations of HIM and the injustice that is done, to hide HIM away from us. I initially followed embarked on ten year mission battle the “Self” all sorts of resources and reference, Dr Martin Lloyd Jones work, and then of late Saint Seraphim Of SAROVE “our purpose is to acquire the knowledge that springs out from the heart not the mind, and our mission is to seek the companionship of the Holy Spirit at price and cost, even if that comes with ultimate price and sacrifice so be it” ~ Saint Seraphim of SAROVE.
    After I intensively reviewed and studied all of your works, past and present and most recently, bearing in mind I am still going through shock of my life, as if hit by train or a boat head on. I have to send my wife away on holiday to lessen the effect. As I contemplated dealing with it and face the truth ahead on, not the reality, with HIS help almighty, and your guidance and assistance all throughout, you works reviewed and studied thoroughly in no, today, I begin to see the light and HIS smile, first thing
    I was going to write and ask you as which scriptures do I use, or do we use! Before I started to formulate a mental draft, opened your channel: There was the answer right there on my screen “CEPHER” “The Divine Book” even before began I to ask the answer was waiting for. I am truly overwhelmed, I suppressed the 10 yeas agony and anger in split second, it is erased and
    HE made disappear, vanish in less than nano second with the joy that is now sinking in, total overhaul and metanoia. If YAHUAY can change such desperate situation in no time, what else HE Can Do and Has for us in store. Bless you sister with truly God ultimate of highest gifts, His Wisdom,…and Grace to your flawless, prestige, crystalline, mรฉlodique, harmonious, encouraging and soothing beautiful voice.
    In Him, and will remain upon you.
    Michael & Eri


    1. Shalum Michael,

      Awww wow thank you so much for such a heartfelt and wonderful response, and thank you for the kind and encouraging words — always means a lot to me ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’m actually a man too! But wow thank you for this Confirmation I Truly Truly appreciate it — words cannot describe!

      I’m so happy that HE has Awakened you to TRUTH, and that HE is doing amazing wonderful things: HalaluYAH!

      That is always so exciting to hear ๐Ÿ™‚ May HE Keep you, Baruk (bless) you, and continue to Lead you and me as always! Let’s keep walking in TRUTH ๐Ÿ˜€

      ~ Chris


      1. how can i get in contact with you , i would like to send a email regarding of your opinion on an video talking about the bible. Hope you read this & get back to me soon.
        Thanks Chris , keep up the work.


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