Are YOU A Terrorist?


Author: TruthUnveiled777


One thought on “Are YOU A Terrorist?”

  1. Hello,
    My name is Shermon Fultz, l am a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer who served this country honorably and sacrifically for over 20 years with distinction. I live in Marysville, Washington with my wife(Linda) and two adult children (Sade-26 & Romell-24). I’m contacting you because for three years my family and I have been victims of gang stalking because of the information we have been viewing on YouTube. Such as the following: Gay Agenda, The Illuminati, Bapbomet, Free Masonary, Human Sacrifice, Jade Helm, Agenda 21 A.K.A Agenda 2030, Chem Trails, Our true identity as Hebrew Israelites, Cern, the seed of Satan, COINTELPRO, the fake Jews, the 13 familiy blood lines, Spiritual Warfare and so many more. As a result of this recent knowledge we have been job mob, we been victims of electronic no touch torchure, community stalking, areial stalking, vehicle stalking, and pedestrian stalking. We’ve also had our cars vandalized, stolen personal property, we’ve had individuals come into our home bugged it along with our land line phone and computer. All of our cars have tracking devices in them. I would appreciate it very much if could get the word out for me and my family, because the people I turned to for help like my elected politicians, Seattle NAACP, Seattle ACLU, Senator Ran Paul, Seattle FBI, several Christian Pastors, Al Sharpton, and a few more.


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