Why Was There A Fireball Seen In 3 States? On the Winter Solstice? Just 3 Days Before Christmas?


It was reported that a fireball was spotted across the areas of Arizona, Nevada, and California.

Such occurrence took place across the 3 states on Tuesday evening, December 22, 2015.

Is there any coincidence that this would take place DIRECTLY ON THE WINTER SOLSTICE?

The day that is dedicated to the “rebirth” of the sun?

Just 3 DAYS before Christmas? Before the “birth” of Nimrod?!?!

Now some say this was a Russian missile. Others believe it was a comet. Either way, it doesn’t look good for America.

Could this be a “sign” of some sort? Especially when this eerie object was seen over Nevada, and an earthquake just so happened to shake the city of Reno, Nevada just yesterday.

Here’s the breaking video from YouTuber Spiro:

What do you think? Was this fireball really a missile? Or was this a comet?

You decide.

Spiro, Dahboo77, and many other alternative media sourcers are also reporting on various cities receiving reports of “credible threats” to domestic American cities.

Why now? Why this time?

Why wait so close to Christmas?

And it’s not just New York, either: police and the FEDs are “gathering” in every major American city this Christmas-New Year period due to “credible threats” domestically.

Take a look for yourself:

I also found it interesting how the Department of Homeland Security issued a National Terrorism Advisory Bulletin on December 16, 2015 — just 9 days before Christmas.

In the bulletin, DHS states its concern with the “growing terrorism” and “homegrown violent extremists” who may be encouraged or inspired to target public events or places.

Notice how they say “homegrown.”

They even make reference to the San Bernardino shootings, which we know was of course another Government-conspired false-flag psy-op operation, having nothing to do with two Muslims shooting up a building, but rather three Alphabet Soup-Gang Hitmen. Another way to strip us of our [very little] rights.

They also warn the public to BE PREPARED.

Why would they need to warn us ahead of time?

Why would they need to warn us of a domestic terror threat nationally, before anything “terror related” has happened?

Are they warning us of something that could potentially occur?

What do they know that the public doesn’t know?

What are they hiding? What don’t they want us to know?

Now researchers and reporters are saying the chances of a “comet” hitting earth is “greater” than expected.

(But they know when and where a “comet” or “comets” will hit. And trust me, it won’t be an “alien threat” as the lying mainstream media is preparing you for. It will be the official arrival of the Fallen Angels who have been hidden out of plain sight from the general public for thousands of years.)

But why would they wait until now to report all this?

Just days, if not hours before Christmas?!

On Christmas eve? The same day a so-called comet/asteroid is supposed to pass on by?

ALSO: You can learn more in my Christmas post, where I expound heavily on eerie observations for this particular Christmas.

They are obviously propagandizing us and getting us ready for the great end-time deception: comet deception and alien deception.

Whether or not it will happen tomorrow or next week is an understatement. The REAL question is this: Are You Ready?

Once again, I’m not saying anything major will happen on Christmas day tomorrow. But what I am saying is that it’s time to fully watch what is happening, and report suspicion and any potential oncoming deception and/or false-flags. 

Normally I don’t report news, but I thought this information was vital and useful, especially considering what could occur around this time of year.

Whether something “major” happens “tomorrow” or “next week” or “next year” or “next decade,” please be watchful, and Be Ye Ready!

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