Something STRANGE Is Happening! The Mandela Effect!!!




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You Have To See This! Trailer Reveals Alien Invasion, Extraterrestrial Threat, Sudden Destruction, and More!

They are preparing us more and more for the Alien/Fallen Angels Invasion.

Yesterday, the Independence Day 2: Resurgence trailer was released.

Now I don’t know about you, but there is a lot of hefty symbolism embedded into this one video.

Note the first sentence of FOX’s description: “We always knew they were coming back.” 

Also note the Independence Day references, where they seem to imply that Independence Day, a symbol of American Freedom, will be forgotten and replaced with a brand new day…

And, of course, we shouldn’t be surprised that this movie is being released on June 24, 2016. Or 666. Not to mention its distributor, FOX, whose numerical values also total 666.

Just 10 days before Independence Day…

But that’s not all!

For the movie, FOX also released a promotional website:

Note the motto: “United We Stand”

Here’s where things get interesting:

This website takes you through a “fictional experience” of walk-through events and dates in relation to the movie. The website chronicles 20 years of catastrophic events: from 1996 all the way up until Independence Day 2016.

Note the voice that you hear speaking: “The Fourth of July will no longer be the holiday that it’s known for.”

Could this potentially mean anything?

But the very first thing you see is this: “07/02/1996 ARRIVAL & ATTACK”

Note the hexagon imagery, which we’ve seen closely related to CERN.

But look where the hexagon is targetting: It seems to be pointing to the same place where they are targetting a METEOR to hit. 

Don’t believe me? This Illuminati Card also shows you THE EXACT SAME THING! IN THE EXACT PRECISE LOCATION! The Atlantic Ocean; right off the coast of Puerto Rico!

Then you see images of a UFO spaceship coming towards earth, imminent disaster, massive chaos, and tons of destruction.

But read the words on the Synopsis just to the right:

Note the date: July 2, 1996. 

Could that mean anything, and potentially correlate with July 2016? I don’t know.

But from the quote above, I found this part to be most astounding:

“Over the next 48 hours, 108 cities were reduced to ashes, until a UNITED, GLOBALLY COORDINATED counterattack took out the alien’s mothership — halting their fourth wave of attacks and eliminating the extraterrestrial threat.” 

Sounds just like one of the “threats” Dr. Carol Rosin mentioned.

Sounds a lot like the NWO to me.

The website continues, and shows other noteworthy events, such as “Leaders Uniting” on March 17, 1998, which create “an unprecedented unity among the nations of the world.” 

NWO, anyone?

We even see The World Rebuilding in 1997: on November 30, 1997, to be exact. 

What is the caption here?

“The world begins to rise out of the ashes as cities, monuments, and landmarks are restored to their former glory.”

What else is known to “rise out of the ashes?” A Phoenix!!! 

But when you get to 2000, here’s what they also show:

They show the event “Ruins of Las Vegas” on June 22, 2000. This date also happens to be the very first summer solstice of the New Millennium. 

There has been a lot of predictive programming pointing to Las Vegas and the Hoover Dam Collapse. I wonder if this is only confirming what we’ve been seeing…

Then, just three years later, on October 23, 2003, we see another event: “Alien Weaponry Adopted.” ANOTHER REFERENCE TO “23.”

There is also mention of a MOON BASE OPERATIONAL, and then, at the very end, on July 4, 2016, Independence Day 2016, we are shown this:

As you can see, this mentions the world “REBUILT,” and “securing the future of the human race – for as long as we STAY UNITED, we will survive.” 

So, within the span of 20 years, we see an extraterrestrial threat, the world uniting in order to combat this “threat,” cities rising “out of the ashes,” “rebuilding,” ruins of Las Vegas/more Hoover Dam symbolism, alien weaponry, the establishment of a moon base, and finally global unity restored!

Could this be the elite’s way of telling us what’s to come in the next 20 years?

Could the catastrophe begin on Independence Day 2016, just 10 days after the movie is to be released?

I don’t know. Only Time will tell.

Get ready, folks. The aliens/Fallen Angels are coming, and with them they will bring worldwide chaos and total destruction. Implementation of the New World Order.

I highly recommend you visit this website. Play around with it, and see what other symbolisms and clues you can find. Also, be sure to watch the trailer if you already haven’t.

And if you find anything interesting or noteworthy, please share below!

Economist 2016 Revealed! Aliens and Economic Collapse and WWIII, Oh My!

Doomsday is here, folks. And things are really about to heat up soon.

With predictive programming virtually everywhere, the elite are literally telling us their every move to take us out, little-by-little, step-by-step.

Some have already begun the “decoding” of this cover, and many have pointed out how the 2015 Economist cover revealed the exact date for the Paris attacks.

So what could possibly be in store for the 2016 Cover?

Here are my “two-cents,” if you will:

Now if you glance at the cover above, what you see is the entire portrait. 

However, this is the actual cover right here, which bleeps out most of the right side: 


The right side could be cut off due to space issues with printing, but I think it’s worth analyzing the whole picture, as we see quite some revealing stuff.

Now I won’t cover everything in detail, but I will cover most: especially the details focusing on a potential “alien visit,” the world economy collapsing, and WWIII.

From an immediate glance, the first thing I noticed was the pyramid shape. Notice how on both sides they are standing in pyramid form, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel front and center (Bill Clinton centered on the other side). Could this be the final formation of the ultimate Pyramid: the final building-blocks of a New World Order?

It’s also interesting to note how Germany seems to be front and center once again, just as Germany was front in center in both World War I and World War II. Could this be the elite’s way of letting us know that Germany could also have something to do with the beginning, the push, and the escalation of WWIII? 

It’s also interesting to note the color features in this cover: both Obama and Hillary are not in color, yet Putin, Xi Jinping, and Merkel ARE! And, judging from Obama’s face in this cover, he doesn’t look as confident as he normally does in all his other photos. Could this be a sign letting us know who will be the “secret allies” or “axis powers” aligned with each other, and who the ultimate “loser” will be? Are the elite letting us know their ultimate end result before the War has even started?

And what will that ultimate end result be? 

America will fall. Big time. 

No, no, my friends. World War III won’t be like World War I and World War II, where America triumphed over her enemies. This time, she will collapse. She must collapse. And this time, she will collapse even worse than Rome’s collapse.

Now how do I know America MUST collapse in order for the New World Order to gain traction?

Because in order to order, order must be ordered out of chaos. That, and utter destruction.

But what else leads me to believe the elite are targetting America’s collapse as a means to an ends to trigger, if not culminate, World War III and the ultimate collapse of the rest of the Western world to follow?

Sure we have Martial Law and Executive Orders and FEMA Camps. But what is the number one thing that must occur in order for America to fall?

Well, according to our lovely Obama Administration, they must kill the dollar.

Not only will that usher in complete control of the masses, but that will also accomplish the New World Currency coupled with the New World Order. And the elite seem to be pointing to the year 2016 as this target goal.

So, what does the Economist reveal to us?

Well would ya look at that!

A “lottery” that just so happens to land on the year 2008!

And we all know what happened with the economy in 2008.

Yet we’re seeing the exact same patterns as we steadily creep towards 2016 as we did before the recession in 2008! Even expert economists are predicting an economy collapse “shortly.” Which will then lead to a worldwide economic collapse.

Now it’s also interesting to note “The World” articles, and the years they show, as all these years, 1987, 1993, 2000, and 2006 all coincided just a year or two just before a well-known economic collapse, crash, or drop. They all seem to follow a 6-7 year gap, and now, in 2015 going into 2016, we’re on the brink of that gap: basically on the very edge!

Now what about that eerie “lottery” symbolism, where one of the zeros is an apple?!

Symbolically speaking, an Apple represents Sin, Knowledge, Good, and Evil. When the serpent tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden and she ate of the “Forbidden Fruit,” she then knew the difference between Good and Evil. She possessed Knowledge. And she committed the very first sin ever to be committed on earth. Then she gave the fruit to Adam for him to partake, and the rest is history…

Now how do we know the “Forbidden Fruit” was in fact an Apple?

The elite are placing it right in front of our faces! One of the most powerful companies on earth just so happens to feature an Apple that is bitten into, not to mention the very first Apple computer that sold for $666.66!!! 

They’re literally putting it right in our faces!!!

So, could the company Apple play a role in the goal for economic collapse, ultimate destruction, and complete, total control of the population? You bet.

How can they accomplish this, you ask?

With chipping through your phone! Nanochipping your computer! Using enhanced technology to “better serve your computer or iPhone or iWhatever,” when this will really be used as a means for the Government to spy on you even more! 

I don’t think they just put this stuff in here without a real definitive meaning to it. Now this is just my personal opinion, but Apple could very well be the company that either enforces or assists with the enforcing of the Mark of the Beast. There are never any coincidences!

Okay, so what else?

Have you ever wondered where the elite get all this high-tech technology and equipment from? Have you ever wondered who is really pulling the strings behind the scenes for this New World Order?

Could Pepsi’s Black Knight Decoded potentially have something to do with this?

The answer is revealed right on the Economist cover!

Are you ready for one of the biggest, if not THE BIGGEST, kept secret of all time? Are you ready to know THE REAL TRUTH behind these “aliens” and “UFOs” that your Government won’t fill you in on, as this portion of the Economist DOES reveal? 

Here goes:

“Aliens” are not “extraterrestrials,” they do not come from other planets, nor are there any other “planets” out there (the “planets” that they tell you are all fake, made up, Photoshopped, and give homage to pagan Roman gods. We are not living on a “planet” but rather a “plane” THIS IS FACT! THERE ARE NO OTHER “HUMAN LIFE FORMS” OUT THERE BUT US! YHWH HAS MADE US TO BE HIS CREATION NOT OTHER “DISTANT LIFE FORMS FROM FARAWAY “PLANETS.” IF HE DID MAKE THEM, HE WOULD’VE TOLD US!!!) 


These demons posing as “alien lifeforms” have been on earth since the beginning of time, since YHWH kicked out a third of His Rebellious Angels, Satan included. And if you read The Book of Enoch (which I do consider Scripture), you will know that some of the Fallen Angels have been locked away for “70 Generations” (Enoch 10:12). 70 Generations since their locking would put us right around the 1900s BC, OR AROUND THE SAME TIME THE “ROSWELL” INCIDENT OCCURRED, AND OUR GOVERNMENT MADE “DEALS” WITH THEM. And there could still be some locked away, the bulk of which are trying to get out via CERN, which is fully powered even as we speak.

If you notice the image, the man in the “spaceship” appears to be looking upward, while wearing a business suit and carrying a briefcase. Could 2016 be the year the “aliens,” who are the Fallen Angels, make a Grand Appearance before the world, just as they did in the 1950s, and thousands of years before us? Because they never left; they’ve always been here since the very beginning of time.

(Not to mention the devil-horned, goat-legged man who ALSO just so happens to be carrying a suitcase with him. I wonder who that could be…)

Now in the same image with the “spaceship” we see a bowl of what appears to be an Asian soup, and a can of some sort on the right that seems to depict a brain, or maybe even a face (I can’t exactly quite make it out). The can could represent mind control, as does the butterfly-Monarch symbolism near the sun-dial/sun-worship symbolism seen on the cover above. For me the bowl seems to best represent China, which is where we’ve been seeing a whole lot of “cities in the sky phenomenon.” Could this be the elite’s way of letting us know, warning us, and getting us ready for the coming “Alien Invasion Deception?” Or, from the words of Wernher von Braun, “THE LAST CARD?” 

Which will be used to form a One World Government with the “Aliens” as our “saviors,” which will then usher in the False Messiah and the One World Religion, thereby completing and ushering in the New World Order? TOPPING THE PYRAMID?!

If you already haven’t, please familiarize yourself with Project Blue Beam!

Aliens and Economic Collapse and WWIII, Oh My!

Now here are just a few more inferences I made with some of the minut details and pictures I wanted to go over in the cover:

Here we see a large Asian tower depicted, with a man standing on top holding a rod of some sort. Not to mention the Pope-False Prophet standing to the left.

Hmm… where have I heard this story before?

Oh right! The Tower of Babel!!! Nimrod!!! The “crowning” of the Pyramid, if you will! The elite seem to be hinting that sometime in 2016, their New World Kingdom will be COMPLETE! 

The Tower has officially been Built!

We also see a Baby “crawling” towards the earth in an attempt to touch it (notice how they throw in that “round earth” propaganda technique, instead of the Biblical Flat Earth.)

Which could only represent the birthing of a New World! Birth pangs! As travail upon a woman! (I Thessalonians 5:3). SUDDEN DESTRUCTION!

In order for that “Tower” to ascend onto the World Stage, there must first be utter destruction and chaos of the OLD World, in order to bring about the NEW World! 

Could 2016 be the “beginning” of all this?

Could be.

This image depicts world population, and says “spiraling up world population.” Now why would they “spiral up” the world population if they are the ones trying to “depopulate” in the first place, according to their Georgia Guidestones? 

Could this be an excuse for them to say the world is “overpopulated,” and in order to “save the earth” we need to “depopulate?” Through potential worldwide famine, chaos, destruction, and pandemic? For the sake of the “planet?” 

Seems like the end goal to me.

And what about the red book with the glasses? I can make out the word “EMPIRE.” Now why would they use the word “EMPIRE” in this instance? To reference their “empire,” the long-awaited New World Order?

Seems like it.

Now I also thought it was interesting how they replaced the American Flag with this version of the flag: with 13 various colors for the stripes, and then what appears to be a meadow of different color sorts to replace where the 50 stars would once go (right above where the 2016 Olympics are supposed to take place in Brazil. I don’t know if that could mean anything, but just an observation…)

Now why would they completely replace the American flag with a completely different, NEW, more colorful flag?

We’ve seen the Constitution basically torn to shreds already, and replaced with more draconian Executive Orders. Not to mention the influx of “immigrants” and “refugees” we’ve been seeing spill into this country: a “melting pot,” if you will.

Could 2016 be the year where the melting pot is finally boiled beyond belief, and the boiling steams beyond comparison?

I don’t necessarily know. Only time will tell. But, I do think it’s interesting how the American Flag has been tampered with and replaced with a more colorful one, not only replacing “American values” with “political correctness,” but also playing into the GLBTQ+ agenda.

Of course, I could go on with the AIDS/pandemic/depopulation reference, and the prudent imagery seen on the clouds and the balloons. But, I thought it best to just stop here for now.

What will really go down in 2016?

No one is really for sure, except for TPTB.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

But, I can assure you: based on what we’ve seen this year so far, and not to mention the uptick of world events, wars, rumors of wars, and the whole nine yards, it will be a crazy year.

What do you think?

What does all of this mean to you?

Let me know what you think!