Satanic Prayer Meeting Held IN PHOENIX?! COINCIDENCE?!


On February 12, 2016, a satanic group will deliver an opening prayer at the Phoenix City Council in Phoenix, Arizona.

Of course, this will occur just weeks after the first ever state-sanctioned satanic ceremony in history, an event which occurred in Detroit, Michigan on December 19, 2015.

Such events have triggered heated stirs amongst religious groups alike. With the Phoenix/New World Order symbolism, and the prominent significance of this past Full Moon Christmas, one has to wonder if all of this is just a mere coincidence. One has to also wonder just what the implications are — and the deeper messages hidden beneath the surface.

Because remember, nothing is ever just a mere coincidence…


But where else have we seen the Phoenix imagery so boldly and proudly presented in front of our faces?


What you are seeing is NOT an eagle; it is in fact the representation of a Phoenix.

As you can see, this Phoenix is holding 13 leaves in the olive branch, 13 arrows, and 13 bars and stripes in the shield. There also happen to be 13 letters in the “E Pluribus Unum” phrase — which means “out of many, ONE.” Could this be a potential New World Order slogan?

It should not surprise us then when we see nine feathers — which could in fact represent the 9 Full Moon Christmases within the span of 239 Years since the founding of both America AND the Illuminati in 1776.

Could the CAPPING of the New World Order in fact be complete?

So what else? Where else have we seen Phoenix symbolism?


THAT’S RIGHT!!! At the London Olympics closing ceremony back in 2012!!!

Vigilant Citizen discusses more of the occult Illuminati symbolism featured here in these Olympic games, but just what are they trying to depict? What are they trying to show us?

Could there be a Message behind all this?

Could there be something way more sinister to this occult symbolism?



Let’s not forget about the Katy Perry-Super Bowl halftime show just last year… which just so happened to take place IN PHOENIX!!!

Hmm… a woman riding on a beast? Where else have I seen that?

OH YEAH! The Book of Revelation!

Not to mention the performance of her song Dark Horse, featuring horsemen and chess pieces on a masonic checkerboard. 

Four Horsemen. Apocalypse! Which is something we’ve been seeing virtually everywhere.

Which reminds me of the new Alice in Wonderland movie coming out just this year… among many others. Which also stresses the emphasis of Time, and pushing Time… letting us know that Time is almost up.

Time is almost up, my friends.

The elite have already warned us of the first state-sanctioned satanic declaration in history. Video below:


The New World Order isn’t coming; it’s here.



“…choose you THIS DAY whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve Yahuah.” ~ Joshua 24:15

You have a choice to make.

Which will YOU choose?


Phoenix City Council:

RT Report:

Super Bowl 2015 Halftime Show (IN PHOENIX!!!):

2012 London Olympics and the Phoenix Symbolism:

Phoenix and the Dollar Bill:

Black Knight Decoded:

Economist 1988/2018 Phoenix Symbolism:






Lucifer Is Here! THE 11TH HOUR IS HERE!!!


Do you know just what time it is? 

Watch here for more!

THE NWO IS HERE! America Has Just Lost Her Crown!


The video below will detail an Illuminati Ritual that took place right before our eyes: how America is no longer crowned the superpower of the world, symbolically giving birth to the New World Order.

During the Miss Universe 2015 pageant, Steve Harvey makes a fatal yet unnerving mistake for all the world to see:

He “accidentally” crowns Miss Colombia as the winner, yet mistakenly telling us that Miss Philippines is the runner-up.

When, in actuality, Miss Philippines is the winner, and Miss Colombia is the runner-up.

Here’s the shocking video:

Just what does this represent? Symbolically speaking, did Steve Harvey REALLY make a mistake, or was this the elite’s way of telling us that COLUMBIA [AMERICA] is no longer the world’s superpower?



Note the timing of this event: December 20, 2015. Just 5 days before the Full Moon Christmas!

Make no mistake folks — this was no mistake.

Nor was this a coincidence.

The elite have warned us of America losing her crown, and the New World Order gaining hers. Especially now that America has seen NINE Christmas Full Moons within 239 YEARS.

Is the New World Order birthing right in front of our eyes?

Have the elite warned us their final warning?

What do you think?

Here are my thoughts below:

You Have To See This! Trailer Reveals Alien Invasion, Extraterrestrial Threat, Sudden Destruction, and More!

They are preparing us more and more for the Alien/Fallen Angels Invasion.

Yesterday, the Independence Day 2: Resurgence trailer was released.

Now I don’t know about you, but there is a lot of hefty symbolism embedded into this one video.

Note the first sentence of FOX’s description: “We always knew they were coming back.” 

Also note the Independence Day references, where they seem to imply that Independence Day, a symbol of American Freedom, will be forgotten and replaced with a brand new day…

And, of course, we shouldn’t be surprised that this movie is being released on June 24, 2016. Or 666. Not to mention its distributor, FOX, whose numerical values also total 666.

Just 10 days before Independence Day…

But that’s not all!

For the movie, FOX also released a promotional website:

Note the motto: “United We Stand”

Here’s where things get interesting:

This website takes you through a “fictional experience” of walk-through events and dates in relation to the movie. The website chronicles 20 years of catastrophic events: from 1996 all the way up until Independence Day 2016.

Note the voice that you hear speaking: “The Fourth of July will no longer be the holiday that it’s known for.”

Could this potentially mean anything?

But the very first thing you see is this: “07/02/1996 ARRIVAL & ATTACK”

Note the hexagon imagery, which we’ve seen closely related to CERN.

But look where the hexagon is targetting: It seems to be pointing to the same place where they are targetting a METEOR to hit. 

Don’t believe me? This Illuminati Card also shows you THE EXACT SAME THING! IN THE EXACT PRECISE LOCATION! The Atlantic Ocean; right off the coast of Puerto Rico!

Then you see images of a UFO spaceship coming towards earth, imminent disaster, massive chaos, and tons of destruction.

But read the words on the Synopsis just to the right:

Note the date: July 2, 1996. 

Could that mean anything, and potentially correlate with July 2016? I don’t know.

But from the quote above, I found this part to be most astounding:

“Over the next 48 hours, 108 cities were reduced to ashes, until a UNITED, GLOBALLY COORDINATED counterattack took out the alien’s mothership — halting their fourth wave of attacks and eliminating the extraterrestrial threat.” 

Sounds just like one of the “threats” Dr. Carol Rosin mentioned.

Sounds a lot like the NWO to me.

The website continues, and shows other noteworthy events, such as “Leaders Uniting” on March 17, 1998, which create “an unprecedented unity among the nations of the world.” 

NWO, anyone?

We even see The World Rebuilding in 1997: on November 30, 1997, to be exact. 

What is the caption here?

“The world begins to rise out of the ashes as cities, monuments, and landmarks are restored to their former glory.”

What else is known to “rise out of the ashes?” A Phoenix!!! 

But when you get to 2000, here’s what they also show:

They show the event “Ruins of Las Vegas” on June 22, 2000. This date also happens to be the very first summer solstice of the New Millennium. 

There has been a lot of predictive programming pointing to Las Vegas and the Hoover Dam Collapse. I wonder if this is only confirming what we’ve been seeing…

Then, just three years later, on October 23, 2003, we see another event: “Alien Weaponry Adopted.” ANOTHER REFERENCE TO “23.”

There is also mention of a MOON BASE OPERATIONAL, and then, at the very end, on July 4, 2016, Independence Day 2016, we are shown this:

As you can see, this mentions the world “REBUILT,” and “securing the future of the human race – for as long as we STAY UNITED, we will survive.” 

So, within the span of 20 years, we see an extraterrestrial threat, the world uniting in order to combat this “threat,” cities rising “out of the ashes,” “rebuilding,” ruins of Las Vegas/more Hoover Dam symbolism, alien weaponry, the establishment of a moon base, and finally global unity restored!

Could this be the elite’s way of telling us what’s to come in the next 20 years?

Could the catastrophe begin on Independence Day 2016, just 10 days after the movie is to be released?

I don’t know. Only Time will tell.

Get ready, folks. The aliens/Fallen Angels are coming, and with them they will bring worldwide chaos and total destruction. Implementation of the New World Order.

I highly recommend you visit this website. Play around with it, and see what other symbolisms and clues you can find. Also, be sure to watch the trailer if you already haven’t.

And if you find anything interesting or noteworthy, please share below!

Merkel Named TIME Person of the Year Just 77 Years After Hitler?

Is it just me, or am I seeing way too many similarities and “coincidences” that they are no longer just mere “coincidences” or “conspiracies,” they are actually real?

I wasn’t even going to post this until I realized how shocking this truly is, but here it is:


Is anybody else waving some serious red flags??? I am.

Because Angela Merkel isn’t the “Chancellor of the Free World”; she’s the Chancellor of Germany.

So why would they use “Free World” instead? 

Also, guess what other German Chancellor just so happened to receive TIME Person of the Year?

Yep, you guessed him:


But can you guess which year he was named TIME Person of the Year?


Exactly one year before World War II!!!

And if you calculate the number of years between Hitler and Merkel receiving this “honor,” how many years do you have total?

You guessed it: 77 years. Between 1938-2015.


Could this be the elite’s way of telling us that it’s TIME? That it’s COMPLETE?

That it’s TIME for another World War?

TIME for World War III?

Just as they told us it was TIME for World War II back in 1938, a year before the War commenced?

Just as they are telling us it’s TIME for World War III here in 2015?

Could 2016 commence World War III, a year after Merkel’s TIME Award, just as 1939 commenced World War II, a year after Hitler’s TIME Award? 


I don’t know about you, folks, but I’m sold. This is no coincidence. The elite never just do things “for the sake of it.” They’re literally putting it in our faces when will we WAKE UP???

TIME is literally telling us that TIME IS UP!!! World War III is here, my friends!

(P.S. – I also thought it was interesting how the very first cover of TIME Magazine was first issued on March 3, 1923; 92 years ago. 3/3/1923. Another “923” reference to point out…)

ALSO SEE: Angela Merkel TIME Person of the Year (RT NEWS)


Predictive Programming in Cartoons! This One Predicts The Hoover Dam Collapse!!!

“Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.” ~ Matthew 24:44

It’s no surprise we’ve been seeing predictive programming almost everywhere in the mainstream media: especially surrounding this particular landmark.

Film: San Andreas (2015) Predicting Hoover Dam Collapse

Many are saying this landmark could trigger the New World Order, in a sort of “birthing,” if you will.

Many are associating this landmark with the next major false-flag event in the U.S.

Many have even pointed out the eerie symbolism associated with this landmark.

Many are also noticing the similarities between Paris, the City of Lights, which experienced a series of false-flag events just a few weeks ago, to the other corresponding City of Lights that just so happens to be only minutes away from this particular landmark: Las Vegas, also known as Sin City. 

Well, I would like to point your attention to yet another source that points to this landmark, the Hoover Dam, as the next potential false-flag event, a source yet to be covered.

And where does this source come from? From probably one of my favorite television shows of all time as a child: none other than our favorite talking sponge who lives in a pineapple under the sea: SpongeBob SquarePants!

When I first saw this episode, I thought nothing of it. Until I saw it again, and then a third time. I was beyond perplexed and bewildered that they would even include such content catered towards children!

But then again, this should come as no surprise considering the Illuminati/All-Seeing-Eye symbolism embedded in even PBS programs such as Arthur and Cyberchase. Not to mention the SpongeBob episode featuring a “grand lodge.”

Ready? Here goes:

The Hoover Dam reference is found in the episode “A Day Without Tears,” in which Squidward bets SpongeBob to go a full day without crying.


Now what is first very interesting about this episode is that it is included with Season 7: again, here we see that “7” reference. And as I mentioned in my previous post, Biblically speaking, “7” represents COMPLETION!

This episode also aired on Monday, March 22, 2010, or 3/22. Eerily fitting close to the Spring Equinox, or the “birthing” of a new season, new decade…

Hmm… Where else have I seen those numbers: 3/22, or 322? Oh yeah! Skull and Bones! The same secret organization behind 911!!!

Not to mention this episode deals almost entirely with crying, or water, or floodgates, or massive flooding.

Also, the year 2016 will mark the 7th year of the decade. Another “7”!!! Could “2016” be the year they pull this one off? I don’t know. Only time will tell.



We see SpongeBob hysterically crying throughout the first part: over a stubbed nail; and then a ripped suit; and finally over a sad song: his favorite pastime.

When he cries over a thrown away Krabby Patty at work, Squidward, his co-worker and neighbor, can’t take it anymore, and lets him know of his infernal crying.

After Squidward informs SpongeBob of his crying 43 times in just the timeframe of this one day (with clips to support this), he then makes a bet with SpongeBob, and bets him that if he can’t go a full day without crying, he has to clean Squidward’s yard for an entire year. And if SpongeBob does go a full day without crying, Squidward has to join SpongeBob at an evening slumber party (because what else would he bet Squidward?)

Throughout the episode, Squidward tries convincing Spongebob to cry, even tempting him with cliched sunsets, cute sleeping pets, letters from parents, and even mind-numbing television (with the occasional sad story).

Kind of like subliminal mind control…

When nothing else works, and all else fails, Squidward realizes he only has a few minutes left before midnight, and SpongeBob has yet to cry. So, he attempts the all-time-favorite: the classic bed time story.

Here’s where it gets interesting:

After the bedtime story, when there are only 10 SECONDS LEFT, and when Squidward BEGINS THE COUNTDOWN, we zoom inside SpongeBob’s brain, and what do we find there?

We see SpongeBob doing his best to hold in those tears for another 10 seconds, BUT WHAT ELSE DO WE SEE?

As you can see, the pink imagery is none other than SpongeBob’s brain, and you can see the strains of his eyes towards the bottom of the images. BUT WHAT ABOUT THAT THING IN THE CENTER? Strangely enough, IT LOOKS JUST LIKE THE HOOVER DAM! AN EXACT REPLICA!

Then we see the Hoover Dam-like image “bursting,” or “breaking,” symbolizing SpongeBob’s tears that he has desperately been holding in.


And finally, out pours the water…

Simultaneously, this is all occurring while Squidward is shouting: “4, 3, 2, 1…” 

Then the clock strikes MIDNIGHT…

Here we see AN ALARM going off…

Letting them know THE TIME HAS COME: MIDNIGHT.

Could this be the elite’s way of ALARMING US for the potential upcoming event to take place? Who really knows…

Then Squidward lets SpongeBob know that it’s midnight, and the bet is over… and so Squidward frowns an utter frown of defeat… knowing that he has lost the bet…

But SpongeBob has yet to “burst”…

And when he finally does, this is the outcome…

Flooding… Flooding… And MASSIVE FLOODING…

This seems to indicate an ABSENCE of mainstream news and media reporting on such catastrophies with the broken television… homes will be flooded, and catastrophy will strike AT ANY GIVEN MOMENT… UNEXPECTEDLY!

Even Mr. Krabs is helpless… MONEY WON’T BUY YOU OUT OF THIS ONE!!!

A choir singing amid all the chaos… I could be reading into this just a bit too much, but could this possibly represent THE CLERGY RESPONSE TEAM?!?!

And then, of course, at the very very end, Squidward is the one crying because he has to endure quite an awkward and unwanted slumber party…


Personally, I’m convinced this isn’t just some mere coincidence.

When I saw this episode for the third time, I couldn’t help but wonder: is everything starting to piece together? Is everything starting to tie-in with one another? From what others are saying about the Hoover Dam, to this as well? Is this really all just one big “conspiracy?” Or will this really happen?

Are the dots finally connecting? Is this predictive programming TRULY pointing to an event that would ultimately “birth” in the New World Order and “wash away” how life USED to be? Or is this just another “coincidental” Hoover Dam “incident,” just like all the other “incidents” and predictive programming we’ve seen?

What could all of this be possibly hinting?

What could this be telling us?

We’ve already seen the Hoover Dam portrayed and depicted in several other films, movies, and television shows.

But now this one too???

In a television show supposedly for kids?! Popular among kids?!

Could this truly be the event that sparks the SUDDEN DESTRUCTION spoken of in I Thessalonians 5?

Could this be subliminal predictive programming for children as well? To mentally prepare them too for the oncoming, ensuing chaos THAT WILL REACH AMERICAN SHORES REAL SOON? Are the elite preparing EVERYONE subliminally, EVEN CHILDREN, and not just adults? 

I don’t know. You decide.

But, from what I see, it all looks too “coincidental” not to be a coincidence…

It’s no longer a question of IF, but rather WHEN…


Please let me know!

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