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Allah In The Bible! Centuries BEFORE Islam!

“The thing that HATH BEEN, it is that which SHALL BE; and that which IS DONE is that which SHALL BE DONE: and there is NO NEW THING under the sun.” (Ecclesiastes 1:9)

Indeed, there is nothing new under the sun.

What they want us to believe is that the religion of Islam began when Muhammad claimed to receive “revelations” from The Most High beginning at 40 years old in 610 AD (by the way, these “revelations” really came from Satan, NOT GABRIEL: Surah 53:4-9).

But just how True is this? If True at all?

Did Islam exist years, if not CENTURIES before there even was a Muhammad?

The Word of YAH says otherwise.

It’s no mistake that the Pope would [erroneously] claim “Allah” and The Creator to be synonymous, when they are in fact NOT.

If they WERE the same, Muslims would refer to The Creator by His TRUE Name: YAH, Yahuah; NOT “Allah.”

And let’s not forget that Muslims who believe in “Allah” do not believe in The Son, contrary to The True Creator whose Son IS The True Messiah!

Plus, contrary to mainstream belief, the TRUE Character of YAH is the Fruits of His Spirit: Love, Peace, Joy, Faith, Meekness, Temperance, Goodness, Gentleness, and Longsuffering (Galatians 5:22-23).

Then why does the Quran alone cite over 100 verses that command their followers to incite violence and to kill those who don’t believe in “Allah?” The exact opposite of who Our Creator REALLY IS?

These facts alone let us know that “Allah” and YAH are not the same: and those who say otherwise are in fact BLASPHEMERS!

But mainstream media has to push this lie in order to push the divide and conquer agenda between Muslims, Christians, and the rest of the world.

When “Allah” is in fact a pagan moon god, one of 360 ancient pagan Arabia moon gods.

Even ancient artifacts prove this fact.

More evidence is available HERE.


But Wikipedia and all those “scholars” want you to believe otherwise! They too are in on the deception! They have to keep this vicious lie ongoing!

(Remember: They all work for the same team — Big Brother! They’re working together in cahoots in order to hide THE TRUTH from you!)

There is power IN HIS NAME: YAH. There is also TRUTH in His TRUE Name — The Name churches and pastors and synagogues conveniently keep hidden away from you because they don’t want you knowing TRUTH. Why do you think they removed His TRUE Name from His Own Word?

But you will also find Truth revealed between the pages of His Word: precept upon precept, line upon line (Isaiah 28:10). You can also find Truth in words, or in names: especially if these names contain even the slightest hint of pagan.

Let’s go back. Way back. All the way back to a “simpler” time, when giants/nephilim inhabited the land.

A time when Egypt was no longer king, and TRUTH Ruled the land.

This was approximately in the 1400s BC, after the Israelites had just escaped Egypt/bondage and sojourned their way into the Land of Canaan, which YAH Promised unto them.

But let me ask you this: Before the Children of Israel came into the Land of Canaan and crossed the River Jordan, who do you think was there before them? Who inhabited that Land BEFORE the Children of Israel?

According to The Books of Joshua and Judges (I will be sourcing from these two Biblical Books), this land, Canaan, had been inherited with people who worshiped pagan gods and practiced pagan heathen traditions: hence the names Baal and Ashtaroth, mystery gods who were also worshiped in Egypt — only known as Horus and Isis. Nothing new is under the sun! (Eccl. 1:9)

So what were some of the names of their cities — of those who possessed this Land of Canaan before the Children of Israel came to sojourn; before The Mighty Hand of YAH drove out these people? Over the course of a 300-year period?

I highly recommend you read Joshua chapters 12-21 yourself so you can see the pagan-influenced names of cities that the Children of Israel inherited as their own (and eventually changed).

Right off the bat, we see references to Baal and Ashtaroth, with cities such as Kirjath-baal (Joshua 15:60) and Ataroth (Joshua 16:2;7). Of course, there are much more. These two are the pagan deities whom they served which would eventually lead them  [The Children of Israel] back into bondage for periods of time, during the era of the Judges (Judges 2:13)

We even see Beth-Dagon, or reference to Dagon, who is the pagan fish god (Joshua 19:27). According to the Book of Judges, the Philistines even sacrificed unto Dagon (Judges 16:23).

However, we also see reference to a city called “Arab” (Joshua 15:52), which lets us know that this territory of Canaan was in fact Arabia-influenced.

Now where then do we see or hear mention of “Allah?” 

What cities in the Bible sound eerily similar to this name?

Pay close attention to the SOUND. 

Here are Six Biblical References (with pronounciation in parentheses) I found which sound VERY SIMILAR to today’s “Allah,” PROVING ONCE AND FOR ALL that “Allah” is in fact a pagan deity:

1. Joshua 18:27 – Taralah (Tar-ALLAH)

2. Joshua 19:3 – Balah (B-ALLAH)

3. Joshua 19:8 – Baalath-beer (B-ALLAH-th-beer) (A mixture of both “Baal” and “Allah”)

4. Joshua 19:42 – Shaalabbin (Sh-ALLAH-bin)

5. Joshua 19:44 – Baalath (B-ALLAH-th) (Same as #3)

6. Judges 1:31 – Ahlab (ALLAH-b)

***If you happen to find more in The Book of Joshua and Judges, or even in other Biblical Books such as The Book of Enoch, Jasher, and any others, please do list and share them below!

I’m not making this up! This is All Biblical!!!

As you can see (and hear), these city names all have the sound “Allah” contained in them. Now how can this be if such a sound is said not to exist until thousands of years later, when “Allah” can be heard in these cities thousands of years EARLIER than 610 AD?

Just as Baal, Ashtaroth, and Dagon are known as pagan deities, and are explicitly mentioned in the Bible, so is “Allah.” It’s nothing new!


Could all the city names seen throughout the Books of Joshua and Judges make reference to all the names of the pagan gods worshiped during that time before the Children of Israel came to possess their Land? Because that’s what it seems.

You can hear the “Allah” sound in each of these names. Because the pagan names of these pagan cities were derived from the pagan gods these people/giants-nephilim were serving, INCLUDING Baal and Ashtaroth, who are in fact Satan and Satan’s wife in disguise. (You also see them throughout EVERY ancient mystery religion and world religion today: including Isis and Horus; Semiramis and Nimrod; Maya and Buddha; Devaki and Krishna; and, even the Catholic version of Mary and Jesus. Because nothing new is under the sun! This has been going on since Ancient Egypt — probably even during the days of Noah!)

This is to PROVE AND CONFIRM the existence and worship of “Allah” and all the other ancient pagan gods worshiped THOUSANDS of years ago.

This means they were probably bowing down five times a day and circling around a fortress of stone even

But has anything changed since them? Has anything really even changed over the past 3400 or so years? Are pagan gods such as Baal, Ashtaroth, Dagon, and “Allah” receiving worship and praise today?

Obviously “Allah,” as we have just proven.

Considering how nearly a quarter of today’s world worships this pagan moon god.

But what about all the others? 

Well, as stated earlier, over the centuries, pagans had to repackage their pagan traditions and worships into religions that would still allow them to worship these pagan satanic gods. Hence the birth of Christianity in 325 AD at the First Council of Nicaea.

We know every religion contains some paganistic tradition(s), as Christmas celebrates the Birth of Nimrod, while Easter is all about the worship of Ishtar who is also Isis, the queen mother of heaven! By the way, “holidays” such as Thanksgiving and Mother’s Day are also attributed to her! 

We also see this in mythological paganisms such as the Virgin Birth, The Holy “Trinity,” Eucharist-sun worship, and much more.

Remember this nifty little rule when Truth-Seeking: If embedded with, or associated with ANY type of paganistic tradition, then it is NOT TRUTH.

So where do we see “Dagon” today?

See Today’s Pope? Just what kind of “hat” is that?

It’s a pagan hat in the shape of a fish! Just like Dagon the fish god!

Associated and affiliated with The ROMAN Catholic Church!


Amazing how there really IS nothing new under the sun after all! (Eccl. 1:9!)

And with world religion staggering, atheism growing, and virtually every part of the Western world partaking in gift-giving and Saturnalia and other pagan abominable traditions linked with “Christmas” (Jeremiah 10:1-4), with the Eastern world worshiping pagan polytheistic gods, ALL based HEAVILY on Babylonian Mystery Religions, it seems as though this “repackaging” of pagan traditions, rituals, and ideologies via world religions has worked to a charm: both Christianity AND Islam included. There is nothing new after all! (Eccl. 1:9)

Get away from mainstream media; get away from religion; get away from lies! They are only deceiving you with their lies, and they are propagandizing you into believe what they want you to believe: DECEPTION! NOT TRUTH!

Come out of her! (Revelation 18:4; Jeremiah 51:45)

Come out of the lies and WAKE UP TO TRUTH!

I understand this topic or discussion may ruffle some feathers. However, no one ever said the TRUTH would be pretty. I’m writing this in hopes that you would SEE TRUTH — YAH — and come out of the deceptive lies that the mainstream media and TPTB are heavily promoting and casting upon you each and every single second of the day: world religion being one of MANY.

Why? To divide and conquer, just like they did in Ancient Rome.

Once again, there is nothing new under the sun! (Eccl. 1:9)


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