“When America Declares War on Russia, America Will Fall.”


The above sentence came to me from YHWH.

Here’s a likely scenario of how WWIII could play out:


From the symbolism of TIME Magazine that we’ve been seeing between Merkel and Hitler, there’s no doubt Germany will be involved in World War III.

And, from my Economist 2016 post, we already see Merkel front and center. Germany front and center.

But as I also detail in my latest post, Germany will no doubt side against America, as she has in both World War I and World War II. Because history repeats itself.

So how will Germany side against America? 


She will ally with Russia.


And subsequently China.

These are your “axis powers,” if you will: Germany, Russia, and China.

Okay, so how will Germany get involved? How will World War III actually begin?

In order for World War III to “officially” begin, a false-flag event, or some type of catastrophic event, MUST OCCUR in Germany. 

Now it’s funny how they planned a false-flag event to occur in Germany JUST DAYS after the Paris attacks, but pulled the plug at the last minute.

Obviously, they plan to do what they did to France and Belgium to Germany as well.

But why Germany?


The Goal:

Bring Martial Law and the military-police-state to Europe, starting with Berlin, Germany; and spreading to European cities such as Copenhagen, Denmark; up to Scandinavian cities such as Oslo, Norway; Stockholm, Sweden; Helsinki, Finland; and then down to Austria, Hungary, Poland, and the rest of Eastern Europe; and ending with all of Europe.

How will they do this? Via “Islamic extremism” and “terrorism.” 

They’ve already begun with France and Belgium.

It’s only a matter of time until they hit all of Europe, and then America.


However, when France was “attacked,” they blamed Syria, as usual.

When Germany is “attacked,” who will they most likely blame?


Not Syria, BUT TURKEY.

Turkey will play a PIVOTAL role in World War III. In the mainstream media, we already see Turkey depicted as the “enemy.”

Germany MUST blame Turkey, Britain, France, or America if she wants to ally with Russia/China.

I have no doubt that Germany will either declare war on Turkey, or Turkey will declare war on Germany.

It’s only a matter of time.

Now if this were to happen, and Germany were to blame Turkey on a false-flag/major catastrophic event, what could potentially happen next?


Britain and France will get involved.

I don’t know exactly how, but if Germany were to declare war on Turkey, or vice-versa, you could have a trickling of effects:

  1. Germany could also declare war on Britain and France
  2. Britain and France could declare war on Germany
  3. Turkey could declare war on Russia
  4. Russia could declare war on Turkey

And, when this happens, there will be no doubt that Russia will get involved. 

France is already semi-at-war with Russia.

And, as history has shown before, when Russia gets involved, you can believe there will be an uptick and escalation of world war.

Russia will then declare war on Britain and France. Or, Britain and France will declare war on Russia.

Either way, these will be your World War III “superpowers”:

  • “Allies Powers”: Britain and France and Turkey
    • vs
  • “Axis Powers”: Russia and China and Germany

And we still haven’t mentioned Israel’s plot to invade Iran.

Not to mention the FINAL “superpower ally”…



And as both previous World Wars have shown us, America never gets involved with World War too quickly. 

America is somehow always “brought in” to World War.

We saw this in World War I when America declared war on Germany in 1917.

And when America declared war on Japan in World War II, just after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Both instances were nearly three years after the initial War began.

Only this time, America will declare war on Russia.

No longer will they be allies, as they were in both World War I AND World War II.

And, for the first time in history, Russia could ally with Germany.


But this time, when America declares war on Russia, America will finally collapse. America will finally fall. America will no longer be the world’s “superpower.” 

Now there are a few ways this could occur:

  • America could blame Russia on an inside-job false-flag event, EMP, “nuke,” grid shutdown, and/or grid virus
  • Russia could actually attack American soil, thereby bringing America into war
  • Russia could threaten to attack America, which could perpetuate America into war


Either way, America will declare war on Russia.

And when that happens, you can bet your bottom dollar America will collapse, and fall, and will cease to be the world’s greatest superpower.

That is, if there even will be such thing as a “dollar.”