War games… rumors of wars… military drills GALORE!

With so many events transpiring, it seems as though the warnings of world war continue to escalate like never before. Take this week, for instance:

Russian U.N. ambassador, Vitaly Churkin, said Friday that tensions with the United States are probably the worst since 1973… since the Mideast war.

Such a stark statement was made just days after army chief of staff general, Mark Milley, told an audience at the Association of the United States Army’s (AUSA) annual meeting that any future warfare with a near-peer adversary will “be highly lethal, unlike anything our Army has experienced at least since World War II”… adversaries including China and Russia. He also said that: “The established world order is undergoing a foundational shake-up.”

And what a shake-up indeed. Because lately there have been several drills, emergencies, and evacuation plans — all leading up to something major. In fact, the Canadian North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) Region is conducting their annual Vigilant Shield exercise, which is a partnership formed between Canada and the U.S. “to provide maritime warning, aerospace warning and aerospace control for North America.” The exercise is to be held from October 17-21, 2016.

Then there’s also Aerospace Security — which is a joint-military drill between China and Russia, in what will be their second missile defense drill that is set for 2017.

Not to mention Russia’s recent deployment of Iskander missiles in Kaliningrad, which is directly close to NATO borders; Russia’s civil defense drill that took place just last week — a drill involving more than 40 MILLION Russians taking part in national emergency preparations; and even cryptic declarations issued, where Russians were told to return home.

Couple that with the recent Russian propaganda and allegations of elections hacking, and something BIGGER is definitely going on.

And Just What Is That Something?!




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PSA (NORAD Vigilant Shield 17):

Reuters (Obama/Syria):


Reuters (Obama/Russia “hack”):


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Let The War Games Begin! World War III Has Finally Arrived!!!

In case you haven’t heard, Saudi Arabia has struck a deal with 20 other Arab and African nations to take part in what they call a “military drill” in the Middle East — said to be the largest military drill in history.

These nations include Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain, Senegal, Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Sudan, Kuwait, the Maldives, Morocco, Pakistan, Chad, Tunisia, Comoros Islands, Djibouti, Malaysia, Egypt, Mauritania, and Mauritius.

Released by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), the report disclosed the plans for massive military drills that will be conducted in northern Saudi Arabia. According to them, their purposes are to “confront all challenges and preserve peace and stability in the region.”

Peace and stability in the region? Think Again.

Perhaps this explains why they are sending a reported estimate of 2,500 warplanes, over 20,000 tanks, as well as 450 helicopters.

This isn’t looking like your typical “military drill.”

Quite the contrare.

It was also reported from CNN that Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir will remove Syrian President Bashar al-Assad either “by political process, or by force.” 

Many are dubbing this “military drill” as an excuse to go to war with Syria — as afull-force invasion. Especially since this “drill” will be taking place on air, land, and sea — on all three fronts. One has to wonder why so many fronts, and why so many troops… 350,000 to be exact, according to one report.

Deemed “North Thunder,” this military exercise is set to take place for 18 days. It began on Sunday, February 14, 2016, and is set to end on Thursday, March 3, 2016.

But if you thought that was it, there’s always more!

According to a report from Yahoo, Turkey claims to have more than 100,000 Syrian refugees close to the Turkish-Syrian border. Not only that, but Turkish Prime Minister Yalcin Akdogan expects estimates of approximately 30,000-35,000 more arrivals real soon.

According to RT, Saudi Arabia deployed military jets and personnel to Turkish Air Base Incirlik. Many are concerned this will lead to a full-scale invasion of Syria, with the intent on ousting Syrian President Assad real soon. The capital, Riyadh, insists otherwise, and claims this necessary to “strenghten” the fight against ISIS.

But we know better than that…

And One, Two, Three, you have World War III!

The War Games have begun!!!

Especially since the Pope “unofficially” announced the beginning of World War III just three months ago.

And since CNN just reported earlier today Turkey launching airstrikes just hours after the Ankara explosion.

I don’t know about you folks, but things are intensifying quickly.

Now mind you, this will probably be a ploy to distract us from the coming worldwide economic collapse that’s already here.

Mingle all of that together with the ongoing Venezuelan food crisis, and World War III is basically here — civil unrest is even at the door.

It’s only a matter of time until all of this hits America.

The question is: ARE YOU READY?


“When America Declares War on Russia, America Will Fall.”


The above sentence came to me from YHWH.

Here’s a likely scenario of how WWIII could play out:


From the symbolism of TIME Magazine that we’ve been seeing between Merkel and Hitler, there’s no doubt Germany will be involved in World War III.

And, from my Economist 2016 post, we already see Merkel front and center. Germany front and center.

But as I also detail in my latest post, Germany will no doubt side against America, as she has in both World War I and World War II. Because history repeats itself.

So how will Germany side against America? 


She will ally with Russia.


And subsequently China.

These are your “axis powers,” if you will: Germany, Russia, and China.

Okay, so how will Germany get involved? How will World War III actually begin?

In order for World War III to “officially” begin, a false-flag event, or some type of catastrophic event, MUST OCCUR in Germany. 

Now it’s funny how they planned a false-flag event to occur in Germany JUST DAYS after the Paris attacks, but pulled the plug at the last minute.

Obviously, they plan to do what they did to France and Belgium to Germany as well.

But why Germany?


The Goal:

Bring Martial Law and the military-police-state to Europe, starting with Berlin, Germany; and spreading to European cities such as Copenhagen, Denmark; up to Scandinavian cities such as Oslo, Norway; Stockholm, Sweden; Helsinki, Finland; and then down to Austria, Hungary, Poland, and the rest of Eastern Europe; and ending with all of Europe.

How will they do this? Via “Islamic extremism” and “terrorism.” 

They’ve already begun with France and Belgium.

It’s only a matter of time until they hit all of Europe, and then America.


However, when France was “attacked,” they blamed Syria, as usual.

When Germany is “attacked,” who will they most likely blame?


Not Syria, BUT TURKEY.

Turkey will play a PIVOTAL role in World War III. In the mainstream media, we already see Turkey depicted as the “enemy.”

Germany MUST blame Turkey, Britain, France, or America if she wants to ally with Russia/China.

I have no doubt that Germany will either declare war on Turkey, or Turkey will declare war on Germany.

It’s only a matter of time.

Now if this were to happen, and Germany were to blame Turkey on a false-flag/major catastrophic event, what could potentially happen next?


Britain and France will get involved.

I don’t know exactly how, but if Germany were to declare war on Turkey, or vice-versa, you could have a trickling of effects:

  1. Germany could also declare war on Britain and France
  2. Britain and France could declare war on Germany
  3. Turkey could declare war on Russia
  4. Russia could declare war on Turkey

And, when this happens, there will be no doubt that Russia will get involved. 

France is already semi-at-war with Russia.

And, as history has shown before, when Russia gets involved, you can believe there will be an uptick and escalation of world war.

Russia will then declare war on Britain and France. Or, Britain and France will declare war on Russia.

Either way, these will be your World War III “superpowers”:

  • “Allies Powers”: Britain and France and Turkey
    • vs
  • “Axis Powers”: Russia and China and Germany

And we still haven’t mentioned Israel’s plot to invade Iran.

Not to mention the FINAL “superpower ally”…



And as both previous World Wars have shown us, America never gets involved with World War too quickly. 

America is somehow always “brought in” to World War.

We saw this in World War I when America declared war on Germany in 1917.

And when America declared war on Japan in World War II, just after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Both instances were nearly three years after the initial War began.

Only this time, America will declare war on Russia.

No longer will they be allies, as they were in both World War I AND World War II.

And, for the first time in history, Russia could ally with Germany.


But this time, when America declares war on Russia, America will finally collapse. America will finally fall. America will no longer be the world’s “superpower.” 

Now there are a few ways this could occur:

  • America could blame Russia on an inside-job false-flag event, EMP, “nuke,” grid shutdown, and/or grid virus
  • Russia could actually attack American soil, thereby bringing America into war
  • Russia could threaten to attack America, which could perpetuate America into war


Either way, America will declare war on Russia.

And when that happens, you can bet your bottom dollar America will collapse, and fall, and will cease to be the world’s greatest superpower.

That is, if there even will be such thing as a “dollar.”




Google Nazism Unveiled! Could Google Logo Reveal Nazi Agenda?


Take a look at the Image above.

Now when you first glance at this Image, it doesn’t look like much.

The Google Photos Icon looks harmless. Not suspicious at all.

But look again.

Now what do you see?

A mirroring image, which looks just like what?


You guessed it, folks: The Nazi Swastika!

Now why would Google just so happened to make their logo so eerily similar to the Swastika?

Could they be involved in a bigger conspiracy?

We just recently saw Merkel’s TIME Person of the Year, which just so happened to be exactly 77 Years after Hitler’s win in 1938.

Not to mention Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle, which basically depicts Nazi symbolism all over again.

And not to mention Google’s Freemasonic-666 roots:


(Interesting how this logo basically mimics the logo of CERN):

But this isn’t the first time Google has depicted Nazi symbolism on their website. 

And, Truth be told, it probably won’t be the last.


Merkel Named TIME Person of the Year Just 77 Years After Hitler?

Is it just me, or am I seeing way too many similarities and “coincidences” that they are no longer just mere “coincidences” or “conspiracies,” they are actually real?

I wasn’t even going to post this until I realized how shocking this truly is, but here it is:


Is anybody else waving some serious red flags??? I am.

Because Angela Merkel isn’t the “Chancellor of the Free World”; she’s the Chancellor of Germany.

So why would they use “Free World” instead? 

Also, guess what other German Chancellor just so happened to receive TIME Person of the Year?

Yep, you guessed him:


But can you guess which year he was named TIME Person of the Year?


Exactly one year before World War II!!!

And if you calculate the number of years between Hitler and Merkel receiving this “honor,” how many years do you have total?

You guessed it: 77 years. Between 1938-2015.


Could this be the elite’s way of telling us that it’s TIME? That it’s COMPLETE?

That it’s TIME for another World War?

TIME for World War III?

Just as they told us it was TIME for World War II back in 1938, a year before the War commenced?

Just as they are telling us it’s TIME for World War III here in 2015?

Could 2016 commence World War III, a year after Merkel’s TIME Award, just as 1939 commenced World War II, a year after Hitler’s TIME Award? 


I don’t know about you, folks, but I’m sold. This is no coincidence. The elite never just do things “for the sake of it.” They’re literally putting it in our faces when will we WAKE UP???

TIME is literally telling us that TIME IS UP!!! World War III is here, my friends!

(P.S. – I also thought it was interesting how the very first cover of TIME Magazine was first issued on March 3, 1923; 92 years ago. 3/3/1923. Another “923” reference to point out…)

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Economist 2016 Revealed! Aliens and Economic Collapse and WWIII, Oh My!

Doomsday is here, folks. And things are really about to heat up soon.

With predictive programming virtually everywhere, the elite are literally telling us their every move to take us out, little-by-little, step-by-step.

Some have already begun the “decoding” of this cover, and many have pointed out how the 2015 Economist cover revealed the exact date for the Paris attacks.

So what could possibly be in store for the 2016 Cover?

Here are my “two-cents,” if you will:

Now if you glance at the cover above, what you see is the entire portrait. 

However, this is the actual cover right here, which bleeps out most of the right side: 


The right side could be cut off due to space issues with printing, but I think it’s worth analyzing the whole picture, as we see quite some revealing stuff.

Now I won’t cover everything in detail, but I will cover most: especially the details focusing on a potential “alien visit,” the world economy collapsing, and WWIII.

From an immediate glance, the first thing I noticed was the pyramid shape. Notice how on both sides they are standing in pyramid form, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel front and center (Bill Clinton centered on the other side). Could this be the final formation of the ultimate Pyramid: the final building-blocks of a New World Order?

It’s also interesting to note how Germany seems to be front and center once again, just as Germany was front in center in both World War I and World War II. Could this be the elite’s way of letting us know that Germany could also have something to do with the beginning, the push, and the escalation of WWIII? 

It’s also interesting to note the color features in this cover: both Obama and Hillary are not in color, yet Putin, Xi Jinping, and Merkel ARE! And, judging from Obama’s face in this cover, he doesn’t look as confident as he normally does in all his other photos. Could this be a sign letting us know who will be the “secret allies” or “axis powers” aligned with each other, and who the ultimate “loser” will be? Are the elite letting us know their ultimate end result before the War has even started?

And what will that ultimate end result be? 

America will fall. Big time. 

No, no, my friends. World War III won’t be like World War I and World War II, where America triumphed over her enemies. This time, she will collapse. She must collapse. And this time, she will collapse even worse than Rome’s collapse.

Now how do I know America MUST collapse in order for the New World Order to gain traction?

Because in order to order, order must be ordered out of chaos. That, and utter destruction.

But what else leads me to believe the elite are targetting America’s collapse as a means to an ends to trigger, if not culminate, World War III and the ultimate collapse of the rest of the Western world to follow?

Sure we have Martial Law and Executive Orders and FEMA Camps. But what is the number one thing that must occur in order for America to fall?

Well, according to our lovely Obama Administration, they must kill the dollar.

Not only will that usher in complete control of the masses, but that will also accomplish the New World Currency coupled with the New World Order. And the elite seem to be pointing to the year 2016 as this target goal.

So, what does the Economist reveal to us?

Well would ya look at that!

A “lottery” that just so happens to land on the year 2008!

And we all know what happened with the economy in 2008.

Yet we’re seeing the exact same patterns as we steadily creep towards 2016 as we did before the recession in 2008! Even expert economists are predicting an economy collapse “shortly.” Which will then lead to a worldwide economic collapse.

Now it’s also interesting to note “The World” articles, and the years they show, as all these years, 1987, 1993, 2000, and 2006 all coincided just a year or two just before a well-known economic collapse, crash, or drop. They all seem to follow a 6-7 year gap, and now, in 2015 going into 2016, we’re on the brink of that gap: basically on the very edge!

Now what about that eerie “lottery” symbolism, where one of the zeros is an apple?!

Symbolically speaking, an Apple represents Sin, Knowledge, Good, and Evil. When the serpent tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden and she ate of the “Forbidden Fruit,” she then knew the difference between Good and Evil. She possessed Knowledge. And she committed the very first sin ever to be committed on earth. Then she gave the fruit to Adam for him to partake, and the rest is history…

Now how do we know the “Forbidden Fruit” was in fact an Apple?

The elite are placing it right in front of our faces! One of the most powerful companies on earth just so happens to feature an Apple that is bitten into, not to mention the very first Apple computer that sold for $666.66!!! 

They’re literally putting it right in our faces!!!

So, could the company Apple play a role in the goal for economic collapse, ultimate destruction, and complete, total control of the population? You bet.

How can they accomplish this, you ask?

With chipping through your phone! Nanochipping your computer! Using enhanced technology to “better serve your computer or iPhone or iWhatever,” when this will really be used as a means for the Government to spy on you even more! 

I don’t think they just put this stuff in here without a real definitive meaning to it. Now this is just my personal opinion, but Apple could very well be the company that either enforces or assists with the enforcing of the Mark of the Beast. There are never any coincidences!

Okay, so what else?

Have you ever wondered where the elite get all this high-tech technology and equipment from? Have you ever wondered who is really pulling the strings behind the scenes for this New World Order?

Could Pepsi’s Black Knight Decoded potentially have something to do with this?

The answer is revealed right on the Economist cover!

Are you ready for one of the biggest, if not THE BIGGEST, kept secret of all time? Are you ready to know THE REAL TRUTH behind these “aliens” and “UFOs” that your Government won’t fill you in on, as this portion of the Economist DOES reveal? 

Here goes:

“Aliens” are not “extraterrestrials,” they do not come from other planets, nor are there any other “planets” out there (the “planets” that they tell you are all fake, made up, Photoshopped, and give homage to pagan Roman gods. We are not living on a “planet” but rather a “plane” THIS IS FACT! THERE ARE NO OTHER “HUMAN LIFE FORMS” OUT THERE BUT US! YHWH HAS MADE US TO BE HIS CREATION NOT OTHER “DISTANT LIFE FORMS FROM FARAWAY “PLANETS.” IF HE DID MAKE THEM, HE WOULD’VE TOLD US!!!) 


These demons posing as “alien lifeforms” have been on earth since the beginning of time, since YHWH kicked out a third of His Rebellious Angels, Satan included. And if you read The Book of Enoch (which I do consider Scripture), you will know that some of the Fallen Angels have been locked away for “70 Generations” (Enoch 10:12). 70 Generations since their locking would put us right around the 1900s BC, OR AROUND THE SAME TIME THE “ROSWELL” INCIDENT OCCURRED, AND OUR GOVERNMENT MADE “DEALS” WITH THEM. And there could still be some locked away, the bulk of which are trying to get out via CERN, which is fully powered even as we speak.

If you notice the image, the man in the “spaceship” appears to be looking upward, while wearing a business suit and carrying a briefcase. Could 2016 be the year the “aliens,” who are the Fallen Angels, make a Grand Appearance before the world, just as they did in the 1950s, and thousands of years before us? Because they never left; they’ve always been here since the very beginning of time.

(Not to mention the devil-horned, goat-legged man who ALSO just so happens to be carrying a suitcase with him. I wonder who that could be…)

Now in the same image with the “spaceship” we see a bowl of what appears to be an Asian soup, and a can of some sort on the right that seems to depict a brain, or maybe even a face (I can’t exactly quite make it out). The can could represent mind control, as does the butterfly-Monarch symbolism near the sun-dial/sun-worship symbolism seen on the cover above. For me the bowl seems to best represent China, which is where we’ve been seeing a whole lot of “cities in the sky phenomenon.” Could this be the elite’s way of letting us know, warning us, and getting us ready for the coming “Alien Invasion Deception?” Or, from the words of Wernher von Braun, “THE LAST CARD?” 

Which will be used to form a One World Government with the “Aliens” as our “saviors,” which will then usher in the False Messiah and the One World Religion, thereby completing and ushering in the New World Order? TOPPING THE PYRAMID?!

If you already haven’t, please familiarize yourself with Project Blue Beam!

Aliens and Economic Collapse and WWIII, Oh My!

Now here are just a few more inferences I made with some of the minut details and pictures I wanted to go over in the cover:

Here we see a large Asian tower depicted, with a man standing on top holding a rod of some sort. Not to mention the Pope-False Prophet standing to the left.

Hmm… where have I heard this story before?

Oh right! The Tower of Babel!!! Nimrod!!! The “crowning” of the Pyramid, if you will! The elite seem to be hinting that sometime in 2016, their New World Kingdom will be COMPLETE! 

The Tower has officially been Built!

We also see a Baby “crawling” towards the earth in an attempt to touch it (notice how they throw in that “round earth” propaganda technique, instead of the Biblical Flat Earth.)

Which could only represent the birthing of a New World! Birth pangs! As travail upon a woman! (I Thessalonians 5:3). SUDDEN DESTRUCTION!

In order for that “Tower” to ascend onto the World Stage, there must first be utter destruction and chaos of the OLD World, in order to bring about the NEW World! 

Could 2016 be the “beginning” of all this?

Could be.

This image depicts world population, and says “spiraling up world population.” Now why would they “spiral up” the world population if they are the ones trying to “depopulate” in the first place, according to their Georgia Guidestones? 

Could this be an excuse for them to say the world is “overpopulated,” and in order to “save the earth” we need to “depopulate?” Through potential worldwide famine, chaos, destruction, and pandemic? For the sake of the “planet?” 

Seems like the end goal to me.

And what about the red book with the glasses? I can make out the word “EMPIRE.” Now why would they use the word “EMPIRE” in this instance? To reference their “empire,” the long-awaited New World Order?

Seems like it.

Now I also thought it was interesting how they replaced the American Flag with this version of the flag: with 13 various colors for the stripes, and then what appears to be a meadow of different color sorts to replace where the 50 stars would once go (right above where the 2016 Olympics are supposed to take place in Brazil. I don’t know if that could mean anything, but just an observation…)

Now why would they completely replace the American flag with a completely different, NEW, more colorful flag?

We’ve seen the Constitution basically torn to shreds already, and replaced with more draconian Executive Orders. Not to mention the influx of “immigrants” and “refugees” we’ve been seeing spill into this country: a “melting pot,” if you will.

Could 2016 be the year where the melting pot is finally boiled beyond belief, and the boiling steams beyond comparison?

I don’t necessarily know. Only time will tell. But, I do think it’s interesting how the American Flag has been tampered with and replaced with a more colorful one, not only replacing “American values” with “political correctness,” but also playing into the GLBTQ+ agenda.

Of course, I could go on with the AIDS/pandemic/depopulation reference, and the prudent imagery seen on the clouds and the balloons. But, I thought it best to just stop here for now.

What will really go down in 2016?

No one is really for sure, except for TPTB.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

But, I can assure you: based on what we’ve seen this year so far, and not to mention the uptick of world events, wars, rumors of wars, and the whole nine yards, it will be a crazy year.

What do you think?

What does all of this mean to you?

Let me know what you think!