This website is dedicated TO TRUTH AND ONLY TRUTH. If you are like me and searching for Truth consistently, I hope you will find this page of interest. Of course, you should never just take my word for it; do your OWN research and come to your OWN CONCLUSIONS.

1. Who are you, and what are your beliefs?

Like you, I am dedicated and devoted to TRUTH-seeking, TRUTH-searching, TRUTH-finding, and TRUTH-revealing.

As for my beliefs, I should begin with what I don’t believe in.

1a. Do you consider yourself a “Christian?” 

No, I do not.

1aa. Why not?

  • “Christianity” came into existence almost 300 years AFTER The True Messiah’s time on earth, and made into a religion in 325 AD at The First Council of Nicaea
  • None of our Biblical Forefathers, INCLUDING the Messiah, were “Christian,” nor did they call themselves “Christian” because this word simply did not exist
  • “Christianity” is a religion, and religion is man-made

What DO you believe in and/or consider yourself?

I consider myself an Yahudym.

A Yahudym is someone who is a descendant of the Children of YasharAL, and is someone who follows the Laws, Statues, and Commandments of YAHUAH: as Stated in the Torah, or Pentateuch. 


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I also observe ALL of the Instructions (Thurah/Torah) to the best of my ability.

This means I:

  • Do Worship and Love YAHUAH with ALL my heart (Deut. 6:4-9)
  • Do Know And Trust IN YAHUAH The Father, YAHUSHA The Son, And Also The RUK HA’QADUSH (Commonly Known As The “Holy Spirit”)
  • Do Know And Trust That YAHUAH SAVES (This Is What Our Sovereign And Savior’s Name YAHUSHA Means)
  • Do Help and Love all my neighbors: hence this website devoted ONLY to TRUTH
  • Do Observe the Sabbath — which is the 7th Day Of Rest. This Law therefore prohibits me from attending any church on Sunday
  • Do Partake in the Seven Feast Days/Appointed Festivals that YAHUAH has Given us (See Leviticus 23)
  • Do respect my father and my mother
  • Do wear Tassels, or “tzitzit” with my garments
  • Do not work, buy, or sell on the Sabbath
  • Do not “test” YAHUAH and provoke him to anger
  • Do not celebrate or partake in any pagan or traditional “holiday” that goes against the Appointed Days YAHUAH has given us: this includes “holidays” such as Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Lent, Good Friday, birthdays, and any other pagan “holiday” or “tradition” that is embedded and associated with pagan worship and ideologies
  • Do not worship any other gods or place any other gods before The Creator: contrary to the Christian-Catholic Church
  • Do not take The Name of YAHUAH in vain: this would include using titles that are of no effect, such as “God,” “Lord,” “King,” and anything that is NOT HIS NAME!!!
  • Do not eat of or consume any unclean foods/meats mentioned in the Book of Leviticus: this includes pork!
  • Do not bear false witness to my neighbor, AND TRUE YasharAL
  • Do not worship any graven images, molten images, or any false images thereof of false gods and idols: contrary to Catholicism
  • Do not partake in any of the Sacraments, Eucharists, Baptism, or any other pagan and idolatrous rituals thereof: also contrary to Catholicism
  • Do not partake in any form of religion
  • Do not partake in divination, soothsaying, astrology, adultery, fornication, blaspheme, idolatry, and any other abominations found in The Law
  • Do not partake in medicines, medications, drugs, pills, or any of the sort (which is today’s form of sorcery)
  • Do Follow ALL Laws, Statutes, and Commandments to the best of my ability; and Do Acknowledge that the blood and animal offerings, and Levitical offerings were the Commandments “fulfilled” when Our True Messiah YAHUSHA Atoned for our transgressions, and is therefore Our Perfect Passover Lamb

2. Now you call yourself an “Yahudym.” Why is that?

Because I am of the Tribe of Yahudah; descendant of Sham.

2a. But wouldn’t that be bearing false witness to the Jews?

Not at all. In fact, today’s “Jews” are NOT the “Chosen People,” nor do they have any right to the Land of Israel.

2b. Why do you say that?

  • The word “Jew” DOES NOT appear in the Original Biblical Manuscripts and Scriptures. Neither does “Gentile”
  • Forensics prove that over 90% of today’s “Jews” are in fact descendants from the land of Khazaria, which is present-day Western Russia; nowhere near the Land of Canaan
  • Over 90% of today’s “Jews” are Ashkenazi: descendants of Ashkenaz, who is the descendant of Japheth, NOT SHEM
  • Even “Jews” say they are not the “Chosen People” (See Arthur Koestler’s The Thirteenth Tribe)
  • “Jews” today speak Yiddish, NOT HEBREW
  • “Jews” today follow the Babylonian Talmud, NOT the Mosaic Law
  • 90% of “Jews” are Atheist, and DO NOT believe in YAH, who they say has “Chosen them”
  • Even the Bible says that they are NOT the “Chosen,” and that THEY DO LIE! The True Messiah even refers to them as the “Synagogues of Satan!” (Revelation 2:9; Revelation 3:9) Which they are!

2c. So, if today’s “Jews” are in fact NOT the “Chosen People,” who are?

Deuteronomy 28 tells us that if the REAL Children of YasharAL did not follow the Commandments (which they DID NOT), these curses would occur:

  1. They would be cursed, rebuked, destroyed, and perished (28:20)
  2. They would be removed and scattered from their homelands (28:25)
  3. Their sons and daughters would be given to other people (28:32)
  4. They would be brought to a nation WHICH THEY DID NOT KNOW (28:36)
  5. They would serve other gods: WOOD AND STONE (28:37)
  6. They would go into CAPTIVITY (28:41)
  7. Their STRANGER would be the head, and THEY would be the tail (28:44)
  8. They would serve their enemies IN HUNGER, THIRST, NAKEDNESS, AND WANT OF ALL THINGS (28:48)
  9. They would be placed with YOKES OF IRON upon their necks (28:48)
  10. They would be brought into a nation WHOSE TONGUE THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND (28:49)
  11. They would eat the flesh of their sons and daughters (28:53)
  12. They would be plagued with EVERY SICKNESS AND DISEASE (28:61)
  13. They would serve and worship OTHER GODS, NONE of which their fathers had known, even WOOD AND STONE (28:64)
  14. They would find NO EASE in other nations (28:65)
  15. They would fear DAY AND NIGHT (28:66)
  16. They would have NO ASSURANCE (28:66)
  17. They would be brought into Egypt AGAIN WITH SHIPS; sold unto enemies; and sold unto bondmen and bondwomen (28:68)

The European Jews can’t possibly be the “Chosen” because:

  • They were not sold on ships
  • They were not taken into captivity, and brought back AGAIN to Egypt (“Egypt” represents BONDAGE; SLAVERY)
  • They were not chained to yokes of iron
  • They did not, and do not, serve other gods, WOOD AND STONE
  • They did not lose their “Identity”
  • They call themselves the “True Israelites” when the Bible CLEARLY tells us that the REAL Israelites would not know who they are
  • They were not plagued with sicknesses and diseases
  • They did not serve their enemies IN HUNGER, AND IN THIRST
  • Their sons and daughters were not given unto other people
  • They were not slaughtered by the hundreds of millions, as the TRUE BIBLICAL ISRAELITES WERE

And who are today’s Scriptural Yahudym?

The so-called:

  • “Negros”/African Americans (Tribe of Judah); Haitians (Tribe of Levi); Jamaicans; and other peoples sold into slavery to various parts of the world
  • Native Americans/Native Indians
  • Native Peoples to the Americas/Indigenous
  • Various African Tribes Who Keep The Laws & Statues
    • Igbo
    • Lemba
    • Ashanti
    • And Many Others

We know this is TRUE because:

  1. Over 80 Million Native Americans were disease-ridden, killed, and displaced from their homelands from Christopher Columbus, all the way up to the Trail of Tears
  2. Only Native Americans/Native Indians are known to worship foreign gods, made of WOOD AND STONE
  3. Over 100 Million “African Americans” were killed and brought into captivity via the Atlantic Slave Trade: SLAVE SHIPS
  4. “African Americans” were subsequently lynched, beaten, enslaved, killed, murdered, raped, and tortured, before, during, and after the period of American Slavery, and TENS OF MILLIONS were subsequently killed EVEN AFTER Slavery “ended” in 1865 due to lynchings and legal Segregation: THE REAL HOLOCAUST!
  5. Yahudym were enslaved in Brazil up until 1888
  6. Slavery is still practiced in Haiti today
  7. Slavery existed in the Spanish Americas for over 300 years
  8. The REAL Yahudym have been enslaved in the Americas for almost 400 years: the same amount of time they were enslaved in Egypt!
  9. The Children of YasharAL abandoned their Hebraic origins and were forced to speak foreign languages such as English and Spanish
  10. Man-made Religion (Christianity) was used against them to justify slavery, and is still used against them even to this day: as most Israelites practice Catholicism, Christianity, Islam, Voodoo, Rastafarianism, and do not follow the Commandments
  11. Many Yahudym were, and still are, enslaved in African countries such as Mauritania (which did not “formally” end slavery until 1981), Liberia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Sudan, South Africa (apartheid), and many others
  12. Many of them, to this day, still do not know that they are the TRUE Biblical Israelites
  13. The True Yahudym live in the worst conditions, carry the worst of diseases, and have the shortest lifespans of any persons in history
  14. The True Yahudym have YET to be united back to their Promised Land, and have not been back SINCE 70 AD

2d. But aren’t you afraid you’d be called “anti-Semitic?”

Ironically enough, it’s actually “anti-Semitic” to kill, beat, brutalize, murder, enslave, torture, rape, steal, and terrorize the TRUE Descendants of Shem, WHO ARE the People Of Scripture listed above. (Yet hundreds-of-millions, if not BILLIONS of Yahudym have been tortured and killed in history, and are still tortured even to this day.)

It’s also “anti-Semitic” to bear false witness AGAINST the TRUE Descendants of Sham, who are the People Of Scripture, pretend to be the “True Yahudym,” and then claim a Land that isn’t yours and get everyone on earth to believe such a wicked and perverse lie. 

Yet 99.9% of the “Christian” church follows and adheres to this lie, and believe that 1948 Israel fulfills the Biblical Prophecy of the TRUE Yahudym returning to their Land (which we know is NOT True — because the TRUE Yahudym are still enslaved, and have YET to return to their Land!)

Yet have the European Jews perpetrated BOTH these “anti-Semitic” crimes, and convinced “Christians,” “Jews,” and the entire world alike to believe their lies and accept their Fraudulent 1948 Nation of Israel (which we know is NOT Biblical Prophecy!)

But, we shouldn’t be surprised, because The True Mashyak (Messiah) YAHUSHA, WHO IS IN FACT “DARK SKIN,” did say that they would call themselves “Yahudym,” but DO LIE, because they are the “SYNAGOGUES OF SATAN” AND NOT THE YAHUDYM, YAHUAH’S CHOSEN PEOPLE! (REVELATION 2:9; 3:9)


3. What about the flat-earth? Do you also believe in this?

Yes, I do. In fact, I KNOW the earth is flat. So does your Government.

3a. But what about NASA? Don’t they prove the earth is round?

Sorry, I don’t buy their Photoshopped images, their zero-gravity plane technology, their underwater, Freemasonic “astroNOTS,” their false pseudosciences, and their well-designed artwork of “moons” and “planets” — which honor pagan idols, by the way — that don’t exist.

Even the Bible supports the flat-earth TRUTH:

  • In the very opening of the Bible, we are told that the earth is made with A Firmament. A Firmament would be impossible on a “round earth!”
  • YAHUAH tells us that the earth is His Footstool (Isaiah 66:1; Matthew 5:35; Acts 7:49). A “round earth” cannot be a footstool!
  • 1 Chronicles 16:30, Psalm 93:1, Psalm 96:10, and Psalm 104:5 tell us that the earth is immovable
  • The horizon never changes! It remains flat! Just like Yahuah never changes! (Malachi 3:6!)

4. Okay, so what about “aliens,” “extraterrestrials,” and “life on other planets?” Surely you must believe this too?

No, I don’t. Yahuah has given Life to His Creation — which are the heavens and the earth. Therefore, HE has NOT given Life to anything OUTSIDE of what HE has told us!

  • That means it’s impossible for “other life forms” to exist OUTSIDE of earth (unless they’re products and/or offspring of the Fallen Ones, demons, giants, etc.)
  • It’s impossible for anything “foreign” to come inside the Firmament, unless YAHUAH allows it
  • No one has been to these “planets” (which don’t exist, by the way), so therefore, no one can say with certainty that they exist
  • And if you really believe that the Moon Landings were real, I suggest you do some hardcore research

As for the “aliens” and “extraterrestrials” that Hollywood, the Vatican, and our Government are so vehemently preparing us for, they are actually the Fallen Angels who rebelled against YAHUAH and produced their offspring in humans and animals long long ago. According to The Book of Enoch (which Satan has vehemently kept hidden for so long), many of the Fallen Angels have been locked away in the Abyss for nearly 70 Generations now, and will unlock after these 70 Generations, or approximately 4900 Years (Enoch 10:12).

This proves that:

  1. The Fallen Angels never left earth; they were here thousands of years ago, and they are still roaming among us today
  2. The Fallen Angels did not come from some other planet or planets; they’ve been here this whole entire time
  3. The “UFOs” that you see are actually the messengers’ (angels’) chariots that they drive in (as shown in the Book of Ezekiel)
  4. The angels are the Messengers, and are to protect the four corners of the earth. But the Fallen Ones REBELLED against this, and REBELLED against worshiping their TRUE Creator, YAHUAH
  5. Hieroglyphics prove that these “UFOs” existed well before us, even in the Days of Noah
  6. Since World War II, the Fallen Angels have been conspiring with the Government to receive their technology and weapons (such as Apple, medicines, pharmaceuticals, military equipment, and war machines), in exchange for “world domination” when the NWO is implemented, and when the Fallen Angels fake a False “Alien Invasion”
  7. They are conspiring together to make you accept the “Alien Invasion” lie and believe in “aliens,” in order to bring about the False Messiah, as well as the One World Religion

5. Why do you refer to The Father As YAHUAH?

We are to refer to Our Father BY HIS TRUE NAME: YAHUAH.

We are NOT to take His Name in vain, nor are we to give him titles that are of no effect: titles such as “God,” “Lord,” etc.

They are of no effect, and Satan knows this — which is why he deliberately took out The Name of YAHUAH from the Scriptures and replaced it with pagan titles that have no effect!

6. Do you really believe we are in the end-times?

Yes. I KNOW we’re living in the end-times. We have been for almost 3,000 years

7. What about “Daniel’s 70 Week?” Do you believe this too?

No. The 70th Week has already occurred, and corresponds to Our Messiah YAHUSHA, NOT the “Anti-Christ.” The “beginning” of the 70th Week occurred when YAHUSHA Began HIS Ministry, the “midpoint” occurred when HE was “cut off,” impaled, and hung on a tree, and the very end of the week occurred with the stoning of Stephen, which represents the first believer of many to be martyred for their Amunah (belief) in YAHUAH.

Many “Christians” and “prophets” correlate the 70th Week as “future,” and correlate this week with the “Anti-Christ.” Yet this word does not appear in the Book of Daniel; nor does the word “Anti-Christ” appear in the Book of Revelation! Therefore, it is not TRUE!

The Jesuits are responsible for the “70th Week Prophecy” hoax, when the 70 Weeks represent 70 Continuous Weeks, or 490 Continuous Years.

8. How about the “Shemitah Year?” Is that also Biblical Prophecy?

NOPE, not at all.

The Jubilee, as mentioned in Leviticus 25, has to do with farming, farmland, resting of the farmland, and the release of Hebrew indentured slaves and servants. 

Nowhere does this mention or talk about anything having to do with today’s economy, nor does this correlate with today’s economy. Again, beware false teachers, false prophets, and false liars!!