Google Nazism Unveiled! Could Google Logo Reveal Nazi Agenda?


Take a look at the Image above.

Now when you first glance at this Image, it doesn’t look like much.

The Google Photos Icon looks harmless. Not suspicious at all.

But look again.

Now what do you see?

A mirroring image, which looks just like what?


You guessed it, folks: The Nazi Swastika!

Now why would Google just so happened to make their logo so eerily similar to the Swastika?

Could they be involved in a bigger conspiracy?

We just recently saw Merkel’s TIME Person of the Year, which just so happened to be exactly 77 Years after Hitler’s win in 1938.

Not to mention Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle, which basically depicts Nazi symbolism all over again.

And not to mention Google’s Freemasonic-666 roots:


(Interesting how this logo basically mimics the logo of CERN):

But this isn’t the first time Google has depicted Nazi symbolism on their website. 

And, Truth be told, it probably won’t be the last.



What Do The Pope, Obama, 44, 266, 444, 666, 7, 3, and 2016 All Have In Common?


Now I found this very interesting. I call this “The Crossover Phenomenon”:

We know Obama is the 44th President of the United States.

We also know the current Pope, Pope Francis, is the 266th Pope.

Now if you add “400” to both these numerical values, here’s what you get:

44 + 400 = 444

266 + 400 = 666

444 is a very important number, especially when 400 + 40 + 4 = 444.

400 represents the number of years the Children of Israel were enslaved in Egypt. It is associated and attributed to bondage, and a divine perfect PERIOD of time.

40 often represents prophetic significance in the Bible, as this number is often attributed to:

  • The Flood, which lasted 40 days and 40 nights
  • Moses receiving the Commandments in Mount Sinai for 40 days and 40 nights
  • YAHSHUA fasting for 40 days and 40 nights, while he was tempted by Satan

often represents Creation, as YHWH Created the sun, moon, and stars on this day


And, as we all know, 666 is attributed to the number of the Beast: which will bring about destruction in the Last Days.

Now if you look at the two numbers like this, with a line in the middle:




You will see that currently, in history, we are CROSSING OVER from 444 and into 666!!!


The year 2016 just so happens to be:

  • 7 YEARS since Obama, the 44th President, has been in office
  • 3 YEARS since the Pope, the 266th Pope, has been elected


3 represents COMPLETENESS.

We are now in the period of time of completeness! The completion of Time! The emergence of the Beast Power! 

Get Ready!

What I also found interesting is that during the times of Biblical Israel, there were 43 Kings. Include King David’s two terms, that would place us at 44.

St. Malachy, a well-renowned “prophet” in Catholicism, has predicted much of the Papacy all the way from 1200 AD, many of which has come true. He has also predicted that the 266th Pope will be the Final Pope.

Will history repeat itself? Will there only be 44 Presidents of America, as there were 44 Kings of Israel? Will Pope Francis be the very final Pope? 

Only Time will tell.

Get Ready!

What They Plan To Do With Climate Change In Just 10 Steps! Unbelievable!

We all know climate change is a big lie, a big hoax, a big farce. Not to mention the other phrases such as “climate cooling,” “global cooling,” “global warming,” “solar flares,” and any of the sort.

Perpetrated by the elite, used as a means to an end, problem-reaction-solution ordeal, in order to achieve a bigger, better, global agenda.

But just what exactly is that agenda?

Here’s the nefarious agenda in 10 easy steps, and how YOU are also involved:

STEP 1: Drill it into the public’s head until they are completely submissive

This means plaster “climate change” and its erroneous concepts thereof all over the Internet, control the media so that subjects are used to hearing “global warming” over and over, use politics, environment, religion, and socioeconomics to “raise awareness” about this “massive issue,” and make it become a “global problem” that needs EVERYONE to participate.

Once this has been achieved, and the subjects have completely bought into the lie and the scam, the next step is of course to:

STEP 2: Fund HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS into Governmental agencies, organizations, and corporations that will “contribute” to this hoax

According to the White House, in just two years alone, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has invested in over $400 million dollars to this hoax. But that’s nothing compared to the U.S. Department of Defense, who has contributed over a billion dollars to this hoax in just the past two years alone, with the U.S. Department of Energy creeping at just about a billion.

Once the adequate funding has been invested, the next step is to hire climate change “puppets” and “agents” who will be at the forefront of perpetuating this agenda: with puppets such as Al Goreglobal politiciansthe U.N.scientistsenvironmentalistsmeterologistsNASA, and more.

And of course, the media.

Not to mention the conferences and meetings held to talk about “these issues”: such as the one currently taking place!

And when adequate funding has been donated and received:

STEP 3: Orchestrate earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis, storms, hurricanes, and other weather-modifcation-control devices through government-funded agencies around the world

HAARP. Need I say more?

CERN. Need I say more?

STEP 4: Further the problem with drought, heat waves, dust storms, famines, food scarcity, limited access to fresh water, and poisoning the air via chemtrails worldwide

It’s no surprise that 2.4 billion people live on less than $2 a day. That’s nearly one-third of the entire world. 

It’s also no surprise how droughts can be created and orchestrated by man, just like diseases. And these are from the words of our own government!

Not to mention other man-made and manufactured earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, diseases, food poisonings, and massive animal deaths that have been upticking just this past year alone.

But what does this all have to do with “climate change?”

STEP 5: Blame all natural disasters and catastrophic weather events on “climate change,” “global warning,” and any other lie they so choose

Suggest that, because of climate change and the like, the world is seeing an increase in major catastrophic events.

Even though we know who the REAL perpetrators ARE!

Then use the famous lunacy of a phrase: “If we don’t do anything to combat this global threat, we could face even more catastrophe in the near future.” The phrase which you hear EVERY politician blurt out of their twisted mouths.

STEP 6: Next, “unite the world” into a collective, unified, “one world” mentality: THE SOLUTION TO THE CREATED PROBLEM

Which has been the goal all along!

Cause the problem, unite the world under the panicking reaction of the majority-sleeping populations, and then create a one-world solution which unites EVERYONE under a one-world government!

One-world solution, if you will!

STEP 7: Amp up weather technology and spread the chaos worldwide, in various parts of the world, simultaneously

While still selling us the banner “due to climate change.”

STEP 8: Use “climate change” and “overpopulation” as an excuse to “depopulate the planet… for the sake of ‘protecting’ the planet” 

Because we know every major disaster that THEY CAUSE will be blamed on climate change! Or global warming! Or climate cooling! Or all three!

They can’t seem to make up their mind what they want to call their betwixt lie. So why not call it anything at this point: after all, it is a lie.

But what they won’t tell you is that they plan to depopulate the entire world from seven billion to 500 million.

Even though the Georgia Guidestones WILL.

And they’re going to use “climate change” to accomplish part of, if not most of, this evil, sick-minded goal.

And say that the world is WAAAAY too overpopulated, and therefore people must “take precautionary measures due to the environment.” In other words, enslave you “for the good of the planet.” When we’re not overpopulated at all!!!


STEP 9: Kick weather-modification into high gear, causing extreme worldwide-global destruction and chaos in virtually every corner of the earth

And use ELF waves, scalar waves, and other generated waves and radiation devices in order to control and enslave the population, and continue making the sleeping public blindly go along with the “harmless” lie.

Whilst perpetuating said lie.

Which finally leads us to:


When the natural disasters kick into high gear and we start to see unprecedented levels of earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis, and other natural disasters occurring virtually everywhere across the world simultaneously, the elite will have no choice but to offer us their long-awaited solution to their created problems and chaos: uniting the world together under a global, one-world government, under the banner of a New World Order.

Order out of Chaos!

Now, we know this has been the goal all along, and we know they’ll use other tactics to achieve this goal: such as the alien invasion deception; the False MessiahCommunist-Socialist regimes; and many others.

Don’t think this is real? Think Again.


Merkel Named TIME Person of the Year Just 77 Years After Hitler?

Is it just me, or am I seeing way too many similarities and “coincidences” that they are no longer just mere “coincidences” or “conspiracies,” they are actually real?

I wasn’t even going to post this until I realized how shocking this truly is, but here it is:


Is anybody else waving some serious red flags??? I am.

Because Angela Merkel isn’t the “Chancellor of the Free World”; she’s the Chancellor of Germany.

So why would they use “Free World” instead? 

Also, guess what other German Chancellor just so happened to receive TIME Person of the Year?

Yep, you guessed him:


But can you guess which year he was named TIME Person of the Year?


Exactly one year before World War II!!!

And if you calculate the number of years between Hitler and Merkel receiving this “honor,” how many years do you have total?

You guessed it: 77 years. Between 1938-2015.


Could this be the elite’s way of telling us that it’s TIME? That it’s COMPLETE?

That it’s TIME for another World War?

TIME for World War III?

Just as they told us it was TIME for World War II back in 1938, a year before the War commenced?

Just as they are telling us it’s TIME for World War III here in 2015?

Could 2016 commence World War III, a year after Merkel’s TIME Award, just as 1939 commenced World War II, a year after Hitler’s TIME Award? 


I don’t know about you, folks, but I’m sold. This is no coincidence. The elite never just do things “for the sake of it.” They’re literally putting it in our faces when will we WAKE UP???

TIME is literally telling us that TIME IS UP!!! World War III is here, my friends!

(P.S. – I also thought it was interesting how the very first cover of TIME Magazine was first issued on March 3, 1923; 92 years ago. 3/3/1923. Another “923” reference to point out…)

ALSO SEE: Angela Merkel TIME Person of the Year (RT NEWS)


Economist 2016 Revealed! Aliens and Economic Collapse and WWIII, Oh My!

Doomsday is here, folks. And things are really about to heat up soon.

With predictive programming virtually everywhere, the elite are literally telling us their every move to take us out, little-by-little, step-by-step.

Some have already begun the “decoding” of this cover, and many have pointed out how the 2015 Economist cover revealed the exact date for the Paris attacks.

So what could possibly be in store for the 2016 Cover?

Here are my “two-cents,” if you will:

Now if you glance at the cover above, what you see is the entire portrait. 

However, this is the actual cover right here, which bleeps out most of the right side: 


The right side could be cut off due to space issues with printing, but I think it’s worth analyzing the whole picture, as we see quite some revealing stuff.

Now I won’t cover everything in detail, but I will cover most: especially the details focusing on a potential “alien visit,” the world economy collapsing, and WWIII.

From an immediate glance, the first thing I noticed was the pyramid shape. Notice how on both sides they are standing in pyramid form, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel front and center (Bill Clinton centered on the other side). Could this be the final formation of the ultimate Pyramid: the final building-blocks of a New World Order?

It’s also interesting to note how Germany seems to be front and center once again, just as Germany was front in center in both World War I and World War II. Could this be the elite’s way of letting us know that Germany could also have something to do with the beginning, the push, and the escalation of WWIII? 

It’s also interesting to note the color features in this cover: both Obama and Hillary are not in color, yet Putin, Xi Jinping, and Merkel ARE! And, judging from Obama’s face in this cover, he doesn’t look as confident as he normally does in all his other photos. Could this be a sign letting us know who will be the “secret allies” or “axis powers” aligned with each other, and who the ultimate “loser” will be? Are the elite letting us know their ultimate end result before the War has even started?

And what will that ultimate end result be? 

America will fall. Big time. 

No, no, my friends. World War III won’t be like World War I and World War II, where America triumphed over her enemies. This time, she will collapse. She must collapse. And this time, she will collapse even worse than Rome’s collapse.

Now how do I know America MUST collapse in order for the New World Order to gain traction?

Because in order to order, order must be ordered out of chaos. That, and utter destruction.

But what else leads me to believe the elite are targetting America’s collapse as a means to an ends to trigger, if not culminate, World War III and the ultimate collapse of the rest of the Western world to follow?

Sure we have Martial Law and Executive Orders and FEMA Camps. But what is the number one thing that must occur in order for America to fall?

Well, according to our lovely Obama Administration, they must kill the dollar.

Not only will that usher in complete control of the masses, but that will also accomplish the New World Currency coupled with the New World Order. And the elite seem to be pointing to the year 2016 as this target goal.

So, what does the Economist reveal to us?

Well would ya look at that!

A “lottery” that just so happens to land on the year 2008!

And we all know what happened with the economy in 2008.

Yet we’re seeing the exact same patterns as we steadily creep towards 2016 as we did before the recession in 2008! Even expert economists are predicting an economy collapse “shortly.” Which will then lead to a worldwide economic collapse.

Now it’s also interesting to note “The World” articles, and the years they show, as all these years, 1987, 1993, 2000, and 2006 all coincided just a year or two just before a well-known economic collapse, crash, or drop. They all seem to follow a 6-7 year gap, and now, in 2015 going into 2016, we’re on the brink of that gap: basically on the very edge!

Now what about that eerie “lottery” symbolism, where one of the zeros is an apple?!

Symbolically speaking, an Apple represents Sin, Knowledge, Good, and Evil. When the serpent tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden and she ate of the “Forbidden Fruit,” she then knew the difference between Good and Evil. She possessed Knowledge. And she committed the very first sin ever to be committed on earth. Then she gave the fruit to Adam for him to partake, and the rest is history…

Now how do we know the “Forbidden Fruit” was in fact an Apple?

The elite are placing it right in front of our faces! One of the most powerful companies on earth just so happens to feature an Apple that is bitten into, not to mention the very first Apple computer that sold for $666.66!!! 

They’re literally putting it right in our faces!!!

So, could the company Apple play a role in the goal for economic collapse, ultimate destruction, and complete, total control of the population? You bet.

How can they accomplish this, you ask?

With chipping through your phone! Nanochipping your computer! Using enhanced technology to “better serve your computer or iPhone or iWhatever,” when this will really be used as a means for the Government to spy on you even more! 

I don’t think they just put this stuff in here without a real definitive meaning to it. Now this is just my personal opinion, but Apple could very well be the company that either enforces or assists with the enforcing of the Mark of the Beast. There are never any coincidences!

Okay, so what else?

Have you ever wondered where the elite get all this high-tech technology and equipment from? Have you ever wondered who is really pulling the strings behind the scenes for this New World Order?

Could Pepsi’s Black Knight Decoded potentially have something to do with this?

The answer is revealed right on the Economist cover!

Are you ready for one of the biggest, if not THE BIGGEST, kept secret of all time? Are you ready to know THE REAL TRUTH behind these “aliens” and “UFOs” that your Government won’t fill you in on, as this portion of the Economist DOES reveal? 

Here goes:

“Aliens” are not “extraterrestrials,” they do not come from other planets, nor are there any other “planets” out there (the “planets” that they tell you are all fake, made up, Photoshopped, and give homage to pagan Roman gods. We are not living on a “planet” but rather a “plane” THIS IS FACT! THERE ARE NO OTHER “HUMAN LIFE FORMS” OUT THERE BUT US! YHWH HAS MADE US TO BE HIS CREATION NOT OTHER “DISTANT LIFE FORMS FROM FARAWAY “PLANETS.” IF HE DID MAKE THEM, HE WOULD’VE TOLD US!!!) 


These demons posing as “alien lifeforms” have been on earth since the beginning of time, since YHWH kicked out a third of His Rebellious Angels, Satan included. And if you read The Book of Enoch (which I do consider Scripture), you will know that some of the Fallen Angels have been locked away for “70 Generations” (Enoch 10:12). 70 Generations since their locking would put us right around the 1900s BC, OR AROUND THE SAME TIME THE “ROSWELL” INCIDENT OCCURRED, AND OUR GOVERNMENT MADE “DEALS” WITH THEM. And there could still be some locked away, the bulk of which are trying to get out via CERN, which is fully powered even as we speak.

If you notice the image, the man in the “spaceship” appears to be looking upward, while wearing a business suit and carrying a briefcase. Could 2016 be the year the “aliens,” who are the Fallen Angels, make a Grand Appearance before the world, just as they did in the 1950s, and thousands of years before us? Because they never left; they’ve always been here since the very beginning of time.

(Not to mention the devil-horned, goat-legged man who ALSO just so happens to be carrying a suitcase with him. I wonder who that could be…)

Now in the same image with the “spaceship” we see a bowl of what appears to be an Asian soup, and a can of some sort on the right that seems to depict a brain, or maybe even a face (I can’t exactly quite make it out). The can could represent mind control, as does the butterfly-Monarch symbolism near the sun-dial/sun-worship symbolism seen on the cover above. For me the bowl seems to best represent China, which is where we’ve been seeing a whole lot of “cities in the sky phenomenon.” Could this be the elite’s way of letting us know, warning us, and getting us ready for the coming “Alien Invasion Deception?” Or, from the words of Wernher von Braun, “THE LAST CARD?” 

Which will be used to form a One World Government with the “Aliens” as our “saviors,” which will then usher in the False Messiah and the One World Religion, thereby completing and ushering in the New World Order? TOPPING THE PYRAMID?!

If you already haven’t, please familiarize yourself with Project Blue Beam!

Aliens and Economic Collapse and WWIII, Oh My!

Now here are just a few more inferences I made with some of the minut details and pictures I wanted to go over in the cover:

Here we see a large Asian tower depicted, with a man standing on top holding a rod of some sort. Not to mention the Pope-False Prophet standing to the left.

Hmm… where have I heard this story before?

Oh right! The Tower of Babel!!! Nimrod!!! The “crowning” of the Pyramid, if you will! The elite seem to be hinting that sometime in 2016, their New World Kingdom will be COMPLETE! 

The Tower has officially been Built!

We also see a Baby “crawling” towards the earth in an attempt to touch it (notice how they throw in that “round earth” propaganda technique, instead of the Biblical Flat Earth.)

Which could only represent the birthing of a New World! Birth pangs! As travail upon a woman! (I Thessalonians 5:3). SUDDEN DESTRUCTION!

In order for that “Tower” to ascend onto the World Stage, there must first be utter destruction and chaos of the OLD World, in order to bring about the NEW World! 

Could 2016 be the “beginning” of all this?

Could be.

This image depicts world population, and says “spiraling up world population.” Now why would they “spiral up” the world population if they are the ones trying to “depopulate” in the first place, according to their Georgia Guidestones? 

Could this be an excuse for them to say the world is “overpopulated,” and in order to “save the earth” we need to “depopulate?” Through potential worldwide famine, chaos, destruction, and pandemic? For the sake of the “planet?” 

Seems like the end goal to me.

And what about the red book with the glasses? I can make out the word “EMPIRE.” Now why would they use the word “EMPIRE” in this instance? To reference their “empire,” the long-awaited New World Order?

Seems like it.

Now I also thought it was interesting how they replaced the American Flag with this version of the flag: with 13 various colors for the stripes, and then what appears to be a meadow of different color sorts to replace where the 50 stars would once go (right above where the 2016 Olympics are supposed to take place in Brazil. I don’t know if that could mean anything, but just an observation…)

Now why would they completely replace the American flag with a completely different, NEW, more colorful flag?

We’ve seen the Constitution basically torn to shreds already, and replaced with more draconian Executive Orders. Not to mention the influx of “immigrants” and “refugees” we’ve been seeing spill into this country: a “melting pot,” if you will.

Could 2016 be the year where the melting pot is finally boiled beyond belief, and the boiling steams beyond comparison?

I don’t necessarily know. Only time will tell. But, I do think it’s interesting how the American Flag has been tampered with and replaced with a more colorful one, not only replacing “American values” with “political correctness,” but also playing into the GLBTQ+ agenda.

Of course, I could go on with the AIDS/pandemic/depopulation reference, and the prudent imagery seen on the clouds and the balloons. But, I thought it best to just stop here for now.

What will really go down in 2016?

No one is really for sure, except for TPTB.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

But, I can assure you: based on what we’ve seen this year so far, and not to mention the uptick of world events, wars, rumors of wars, and the whole nine yards, it will be a crazy year.

What do you think?

What does all of this mean to you?

Let me know what you think!



You thought the TPP was bad? Wait until you see this.

This is how my dream went:

I had dreamt that I was logging on to my computer, like I always do. But this time, when I logged on, I received a message on my computer screen: you know, like one of those pop-up messages like you see above.

Well, this time, the message was like a RED ALERT, and that’s when I knew other computers had been affected as well. At first I thought this was a VIRUS, but when I read my screen the words read:



(In all caps)

And it kept flashing, and I kept wondering what that was.

Then, underneath those words I saw this:


The sign kept flashing, and the pop-up could be read on my screen on both sides.

Now that was the dream itself. And, of all the days to receive such a prophetic dream, it was on the morning of Wednesday, September 23, 2015.

However, all this time I sought The Most High for the Answers, so that He could interpret this dream. It took months, but I am confident in the Answer and Revealing that He has Given me.

Here’s what I Received:

When Martial Law is declared — whether it be through a power grid failure, or an EMP, or a “nuke,” or some “Internet virus,” or a “natural disaster” that wipes out a majority of the power lines or cables, here’s what will happen:

The electricity will go out, the power will go out, you will have no access to any water or indoor/outdoor plumbing, no heat, fuel, oil, gas, no nothing.

But your Internet will go out as well. You will no longer have access to any Internet whatsoever. I don’t know if this will be worldwide or just here in America, but I do know this is imminent, and this will be hitting our shores soon!

This will be the kickoff to the long-awaited “NWO,” an agenda that the elite have been pushing since the very beginning of time.

So how does that relate to my dream?

When the Internet turns back on and the power cables begin to work again, the next time you log on, you will be taken to some sort of “message” or “clause” that will REQUIRE you to read AND SIGN (electronically) if you wish to continue using the Internet. By then, we will already be under the New World Order — no longer will we be known as “America.” 

And what will this new “clause” be?

When the Internet “retuns,” and the New World Internet is finally established, EVERYTHING regarding Truth, “Conspiracy,” Religion, and ANYTHING having to do with Our Creator YHWH, “God,” “Jesus,” or any religion thereof, will be banned and strictly prohibited. You will not be able to mention ANYTHING regarding these topics, nor will you be able to report or talk about any “conspiracy theories,” TRUTHS, flat-earth “theories,” Creation, The Bible, anti-immigration, anti-Government, anti-NWO, anti-New-World-Religion, etc.

Anything about Buddha? No.

Anything about Jesus? Nope.

What about Krishna? Nu-uh.

Muhammad? Don’t think so.

Our TRUE Creator of the heavens and the earth? No way.

Hence the word “ATHEISM” seen in my dream TWICE…

If you even mention just the WORD “God,” or even the WORD “Hallelujah,” or even “Amen,” or even these four syllables: YHWH, or any of the topics above, you will be blocked, banned, and deleted from using the Internet! 

The Government will be able to track your I.P. Address, shut you down, come to your house or home, locate your exact location, and “relocate” you into a FEMA Camp or prolonged detention center where you will be unable to escape.

Now they may give you a “friendly warning,” or a “friendly reminder,” but do it another five or six times, and off to FEMA you go.

But is that all?

Anyone caught breaking these “terms” or violating such “agreements” will be automatically taken to Internment Camps, or killed on the spot. And there will be no news coverage of this.

It doesn’t matter if you were just texting your friend “Hallelujah,” or posting a Bible verse on Facebook (if they even have Facebook by then), they will come after you either way!

Mind you, this won’t be just on Internet. They’ll be able to track anything you type or post on your smartphone, on your tablet, on your Apple product, on your Samsung product, on your TV, on your computer, on your VCR, anywhere. Chances are, they’ll probably ban any movie or TV show that even has to do with religion, especially Christianity. You won’t be able to search for it, nor will you be able to find it because it will no longer exist.

But that’s not all!

Any current website or media outlet that is spreading Truth will be shut down permanently. And, sadly my friends, that probably includes your web pages and news pages. I wouldn’t be surprised if they wiped away the Internet completely and started brand new, as if the Internet never even existed. Now they may keep SOME content on YouTube, Facebook, Google, web pages, etc. but TRUST ME, anything Truth-related or “conspiracy”-related will be forever erased! 

That “pop-up” I saw in my dream is really an “agreement” from the NWO to its enslaved citizens that they must agree to if they wish to continue using the Internet. Anyone speaking against these terms, or anyone who is caught “rebelling against the system” will face serious consequences. Even SAY the word “God” into a Siri voice operator or mention the word “Christ” to your friend on your bluetooth, and you could be the next FEMA Camp victim. You, AND your friend…

But don’t be fooled!!! It gets even worse!

There will be PAID GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS who will pose as “Internet activists” and make up their own “anti-Government,” “religious freedom” forums, where they will claim you can talk about any religion you possibly want, express Truth, talk about any “conspiracy theory,” and there will be no way for the Government to track your IP Address and/or whereabouts.

Don’t be fooled they will be used as pawns for rounding up political dissidents, and throwing them in those Detention Camps. Or killing them right there on the spot.

So as we see, the NWO will secularize the entire Internet, and you won’t be able to mention anything relating to or regarding Our Creator, YHWH, you won’t be able to “prove” or question His Existence, you won’t be able to mention or talk about anything regarding His Existence, and you won’t be able to mention anything that even hints towards Creation, because they will plaster the New World Internet with Evolution and Evolution Theory.

Think that’s the worst part? This is…

This New World, One World Internet scheme will play into the New World Religion, and lead to the One World Religion already set in place.

And who will be at the center of this One World Religion?

You guessed it: THE Anti-Christ, or the one who will pose AS “THE CHRIST” himself and deceive the whole world: Satan.

This will lead people to accept and believe the False Messiah that is coming, who will deceive the entire world, just as The Most High has told us.

But in order to deceive, he must first eliminate any “Truthers” or people who get in the way of his ultimate plan: us!

This will be the plan to end all religious freedom, and the only “religion” you may be able to speak about is Islam.

They want to rid The Most High from everything and everywhere, rid all access to Truth, continue spreading Lies and Deceit through their evil plans, and ultimately prepare for the world’s biggest deception of all time: The False Messiah. With, the False Rapture.

Now I’m not sure which will happen first: the ushering in of the False Messiah, New World Religion, or the ridding of the Internet we know now, for the human secular, atheist New World Internet, which will eventually lead to the One World Religion. They may play hand-in-hand. One may happen before the other. They could both occur simultaneously.

Either way, it’s going to happen!

(Oh, and if you haven’t, I HIGHLY suggest you read about NASA’s infamous Project Blue Beam, or as I like to call it, “Operation False Messiah.”)

Say goodbye to the Internet as we know it, folks, because when SHTF, chances are this website and many others will no longer be available at our expense. Every Truth network and alternative media site and source you can regularly access on a daily basis now will be terminated real soon! That, and probably 99.9% of the Internet. At least, the parts the elite don’t want you to see…

This HAS to happen it will be THE ONLY WAY for the elite to usher in the New World Order!

We’re already being spied on every single day. The TPP is already in effect, censoring every Truther and Alt. Media source they can. It’s only a matter of time until we’re next.

So what can we do?

Get the Truth out now while you still can!!!

Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your co-workers, tell everyone! Tell everyone you know, even strangers too! Even if they don’t listen to all this “conspiracy hoopla,” you will still be planting and sowing a Seed into their lives that could ultimately impact them.

Express as much Truth while you still have your Freedom!

Because when Martial Law is declared, not just here in America but worldwide, there will be no more “Freedom” whatsoever! 

When the Constitution is ripped to shreds and the Executive Orders take over and the “Presidents” of these powerful nations become “Dictators,” you can bet your bottom dollar there will be no Freedom remaining virtually anywhere! (Too bad there won’t be a “dollar” in the New World Order…)

There isn’t much time, my friends.

The NWO is already here.

Please know this too, friends: there is good news! when Martial Law is declared, and when the events of Paris finally reach our shores and start spiraling out of control (coupled with the economic collapse in Greece, and the devastating earthquakes in South America) when all of that arrives to our shores, your guns won’t save you. Your ammunition won’t save you. Your weapons won’t save you. Your food won’t save you. Your water won’t save you. Your bunkers and your shelters and your “safehavens” won’t save you. Only The Most High can Save you, and He will Save All His People — those that Believe in Him — just as He said He would. Just as He Delivered the Children of Israel out of the hands of the Pharaoh, and brought them out of Egypt, HE WILL DO IT AGAIN BECAUSE HE CHANGETH NOT!!!

But there’s not much time left!!!

It’s time to take action.

It’s time to sound the alarm!

It’s time to WAKE UP!!!


Here’s the video where I elaborate more:


Predictive Programming in Cartoons! This One Predicts The Hoover Dam Collapse!!!

“Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.” ~ Matthew 24:44

It’s no surprise we’ve been seeing predictive programming almost everywhere in the mainstream media: especially surrounding this particular landmark.

Film: San Andreas (2015) Predicting Hoover Dam Collapse

Many are saying this landmark could trigger the New World Order, in a sort of “birthing,” if you will.

Many are associating this landmark with the next major false-flag event in the U.S.

Many have even pointed out the eerie symbolism associated with this landmark.

Many are also noticing the similarities between Paris, the City of Lights, which experienced a series of false-flag events just a few weeks ago, to the other corresponding City of Lights that just so happens to be only minutes away from this particular landmark: Las Vegas, also known as Sin City. 

Well, I would like to point your attention to yet another source that points to this landmark, the Hoover Dam, as the next potential false-flag event, a source yet to be covered.

And where does this source come from? From probably one of my favorite television shows of all time as a child: none other than our favorite talking sponge who lives in a pineapple under the sea: SpongeBob SquarePants!

When I first saw this episode, I thought nothing of it. Until I saw it again, and then a third time. I was beyond perplexed and bewildered that they would even include such content catered towards children!

But then again, this should come as no surprise considering the Illuminati/All-Seeing-Eye symbolism embedded in even PBS programs such as Arthur and Cyberchase. Not to mention the SpongeBob episode featuring a “grand lodge.”

Ready? Here goes:

The Hoover Dam reference is found in the episode “A Day Without Tears,” in which Squidward bets SpongeBob to go a full day without crying.


Now what is first very interesting about this episode is that it is included with Season 7: again, here we see that “7” reference. And as I mentioned in my previous post, Biblically speaking, “7” represents COMPLETION!

This episode also aired on Monday, March 22, 2010, or 3/22. Eerily fitting close to the Spring Equinox, or the “birthing” of a new season, new decade…

Hmm… Where else have I seen those numbers: 3/22, or 322? Oh yeah! Skull and Bones! The same secret organization behind 911!!!

Not to mention this episode deals almost entirely with crying, or water, or floodgates, or massive flooding.

Also, the year 2016 will mark the 7th year of the decade. Another “7”!!! Could “2016” be the year they pull this one off? I don’t know. Only time will tell.



We see SpongeBob hysterically crying throughout the first part: over a stubbed nail; and then a ripped suit; and finally over a sad song: his favorite pastime.

When he cries over a thrown away Krabby Patty at work, Squidward, his co-worker and neighbor, can’t take it anymore, and lets him know of his infernal crying.

After Squidward informs SpongeBob of his crying 43 times in just the timeframe of this one day (with clips to support this), he then makes a bet with SpongeBob, and bets him that if he can’t go a full day without crying, he has to clean Squidward’s yard for an entire year. And if SpongeBob does go a full day without crying, Squidward has to join SpongeBob at an evening slumber party (because what else would he bet Squidward?)

Throughout the episode, Squidward tries convincing Spongebob to cry, even tempting him with cliched sunsets, cute sleeping pets, letters from parents, and even mind-numbing television (with the occasional sad story).

Kind of like subliminal mind control…

When nothing else works, and all else fails, Squidward realizes he only has a few minutes left before midnight, and SpongeBob has yet to cry. So, he attempts the all-time-favorite: the classic bed time story.

Here’s where it gets interesting:

After the bedtime story, when there are only 10 SECONDS LEFT, and when Squidward BEGINS THE COUNTDOWN, we zoom inside SpongeBob’s brain, and what do we find there?

We see SpongeBob doing his best to hold in those tears for another 10 seconds, BUT WHAT ELSE DO WE SEE?

As you can see, the pink imagery is none other than SpongeBob’s brain, and you can see the strains of his eyes towards the bottom of the images. BUT WHAT ABOUT THAT THING IN THE CENTER? Strangely enough, IT LOOKS JUST LIKE THE HOOVER DAM! AN EXACT REPLICA!

Then we see the Hoover Dam-like image “bursting,” or “breaking,” symbolizing SpongeBob’s tears that he has desperately been holding in.


And finally, out pours the water…

Simultaneously, this is all occurring while Squidward is shouting: “4, 3, 2, 1…” 

Then the clock strikes MIDNIGHT…

Here we see AN ALARM going off…

Letting them know THE TIME HAS COME: MIDNIGHT.

Could this be the elite’s way of ALARMING US for the potential upcoming event to take place? Who really knows…

Then Squidward lets SpongeBob know that it’s midnight, and the bet is over… and so Squidward frowns an utter frown of defeat… knowing that he has lost the bet…

But SpongeBob has yet to “burst”…

And when he finally does, this is the outcome…

Flooding… Flooding… And MASSIVE FLOODING…

This seems to indicate an ABSENCE of mainstream news and media reporting on such catastrophies with the broken television… homes will be flooded, and catastrophy will strike AT ANY GIVEN MOMENT… UNEXPECTEDLY!

Even Mr. Krabs is helpless… MONEY WON’T BUY YOU OUT OF THIS ONE!!!

A choir singing amid all the chaos… I could be reading into this just a bit too much, but could this possibly represent THE CLERGY RESPONSE TEAM?!?!

And then, of course, at the very very end, Squidward is the one crying because he has to endure quite an awkward and unwanted slumber party…


Personally, I’m convinced this isn’t just some mere coincidence.

When I saw this episode for the third time, I couldn’t help but wonder: is everything starting to piece together? Is everything starting to tie-in with one another? From what others are saying about the Hoover Dam, to this as well? Is this really all just one big “conspiracy?” Or will this really happen?

Are the dots finally connecting? Is this predictive programming TRULY pointing to an event that would ultimately “birth” in the New World Order and “wash away” how life USED to be? Or is this just another “coincidental” Hoover Dam “incident,” just like all the other “incidents” and predictive programming we’ve seen?

What could all of this be possibly hinting?

What could this be telling us?

We’ve already seen the Hoover Dam portrayed and depicted in several other films, movies, and television shows.

But now this one too???

In a television show supposedly for kids?! Popular among kids?!

Could this truly be the event that sparks the SUDDEN DESTRUCTION spoken of in I Thessalonians 5?

Could this be subliminal predictive programming for children as well? To mentally prepare them too for the oncoming, ensuing chaos THAT WILL REACH AMERICAN SHORES REAL SOON? Are the elite preparing EVERYONE subliminally, EVEN CHILDREN, and not just adults? 

I don’t know. You decide.

But, from what I see, it all looks too “coincidental” not to be a coincidence…

It’s no longer a question of IF, but rather WHEN…


Please let me know!

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