Let The War Games Begin! World War III Has Finally Arrived!!!

In case you haven’t heard, Saudi Arabia has struck a deal with 20 other Arab and African nations to take part in what they call a “military drill” in the Middle East — said to be the largest military drill in history.

These nations include Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain, Senegal, Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Sudan, Kuwait, the Maldives, Morocco, Pakistan, Chad, Tunisia, Comoros Islands, Djibouti, Malaysia, Egypt, Mauritania, and Mauritius.

Released by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), the report disclosed the plans for massive military drills that will be conducted in northern Saudi Arabia. According to them, their purposes are to “confront all challenges and preserve peace and stability in the region.”

Peace and stability in the region? Think Again.

Perhaps this explains why they are sending a reported estimate of 2,500 warplanes, over 20,000 tanks, as well as 450 helicopters.

This isn’t looking like your typical “military drill.”

Quite the contrare.

It was also reported from CNN that Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir will remove Syrian President Bashar al-Assad either “by political process, or by force.” 

Many are dubbing this “military drill” as an excuse to go to war with Syria — as afull-force invasion. Especially since this “drill” will be taking place on air, land, and sea — on all three fronts. One has to wonder why so many fronts, and why so many troops… 350,000 to be exact, according to one report.

Deemed “North Thunder,” this military exercise is set to take place for 18 days. It began on Sunday, February 14, 2016, and is set to end on Thursday, March 3, 2016.

But if you thought that was it, there’s always more!

According to a report from Yahoo, Turkey claims to have more than 100,000 Syrian refugees close to the Turkish-Syrian border. Not only that, but Turkish Prime Minister Yalcin Akdogan expects estimates of approximately 30,000-35,000 more arrivals real soon.

According to RT, Saudi Arabia deployed military jets and personnel to Turkish Air Base Incirlik. Many are concerned this will lead to a full-scale invasion of Syria, with the intent on ousting Syrian President Assad real soon. The capital, Riyadh, insists otherwise, and claims this necessary to “strenghten” the fight against ISIS.

But we know better than that…

And One, Two, Three, you have World War III!

The War Games have begun!!!

Especially since the Pope “unofficially” announced the beginning of World War III just three months ago.

And since CNN just reported earlier today Turkey launching airstrikes just hours after the Ankara explosion.

I don’t know about you folks, but things are intensifying quickly.

Now mind you, this will probably be a ploy to distract us from the coming worldwide economic collapse that’s already here.

Mingle all of that together with the ongoing Venezuelan food crisis, and World War III is basically here — civil unrest is even at the door.

It’s only a matter of time until all of this hits America.

The question is: ARE YOU READY?



239 Years! Could the Capping of the New World Order Pyramid Take Place THIS YEAR?


With Christmas and the secular New Year just around the corner, it’s no wonder why we’re seeing Christmas trees, ornaments, boughs of holly, mistletoe, and other abominable pagan traditions.

It’s also no surprise how we’re seeing prophetic events and end-time Biblical prophecies as they begin to reveal themselves right in front of our faces.

So should we be surprised what could come this upcoming Christmas, secular New Year, 2016, and beyond?


It also shouldn’t surprise us that the next full moon will appear on Christmas Day, an instance which hasn’t occurred since 1977.

(By the way, in case you’re also wondering, Christmas 1977 was just seven months before the FIRST Star Wars premiered, on May 25, 1977. This Christmas will mark just seven days before the SEVENTH Star Wars premiere, on December 18, 2015. Is that a coincidence?!)

In my Christmas post, I talk about how, Biblically speaking, the “Christmas” date (10/13, or the 13th Day of the 10th Month), will coincide with the secular “Halloween” date, 10/31.

I also talk about the full moon, and its rare occurrence on such a date.


But did you know this upcoming full moon on “Christmas” will be the NINTH full moon in American History?

And can you guess when the FIRST “Christmas” full moon was?

On December 25, 1776. 

Exactly 239 years ago.

When America had just been “birthed” as a Nation. 


In the 1776 American Flag above, you see 13 stars which symbolize the 13 Colonies.

But where else do you see 13 Today? 239 years later?


On the one-dollar bill, you see 13 stars illuminated in the form of a sun above the “eagle” — making reference to 13. If you examine closely, you can also see the Six-Pointed Star.

You also see the “eagle” carrying 13 leaves and 13 arrows — with 13 vertical stripes embedded on the “eagle’s” emblem.

And when you take a look at the Pyramid, how many “building blocks” do you see? 12. The top (13th) symbolizing the All-Seeing Eye — yet to be placed onto the Pyramid.

But guess how many feathers are on the “eagle’s” tail?


Could this have anything to do with the NINE Christmas Full Moons throughout our 239-YEAR American History?

Especially since NINE represents FINALITY and DIVINE COMPLETENESS — Biblically speaking.

By the way, why is “eagle” in quotes, you ask?

Because what you’re seeing is not an eagle at all; it’s a phoenix! And we all know what a phoenix represents!!!

It’s also worth mentioning how this winter solstice fell exactly 3 days before Christmas.

In pagan tradition, this coincides with renewal, or rebirth, or rededication to the sun/All-Seeing Eye, who is REBORN after 3 days!


It’s no mistake how 1776 and 5776 are so synonymous with each other.

The secular years 2015-2016, which are also within the Jewish year 5776, seem to be pointing to the “birthing” of a New Nation; a New World Order — Just as America had been “birthed” in 1776: on the FIRST Christmas Full Moon. 

Could America’s NINTH Christmas Full Moon symbolize the COMPLETION of Old America, and the DAWNING and BIRTH of NEW America? The New World Order? The CAPPING of the Pyramid?

After all, it has been 239 years — and we’ve seen quite a bit of references to 239 and 923 in mainstream media.

Could this be one of the many references they are alluding to? The COMPLETION? The CAPPING? The BIRTHING, if you will?


It’s interesting to note how the Independence Day BEFORE Christmas 1776 marked the beginning of modern American History.

It’s also interesting how films today are referencing the NEXT Independence Day AFTER Christmas 2015 as an event that will NO LONGER be remembered for what it’s known as today.

This appears to be no coincidence either.


We also appear to be reaching “crossroads” in today’s world.

From Obama to the Pope to World War III to Government-funded ISIS, we are seeing much of the New World Order take shape within these past few months.

But there is even more satanic activity going on around this time, around the same time of the NINTH Christmas Full Moon.

This video shows the nation’s first state-sanctioned satanic ceremony in the HISTORY of America.

Now it’s interesting how this ceremony took place on December 19, 2015: just THREE DAYS before the winter solstice/Rising of the All-Seeing Eye; which is THREE DAYS before Christmas/Birth of Nimrod. 

A “3-3” pattern.

Kinda like how we saw the same “3-3” pattern in weeks: as the Biblical 9/23 marks 3 weeks BEFORE Christmas and 3 weeks AFTER the False-Flag Paris Attacks.

But look carefully at the transcription of this blasphemous speech, and just how closely it alludes to the New World Order/satanic agenda:

“We are GATHERED here to celebrate the spirit of humanity and the DAWN of a NEW AMERICAN ERA.” 

“FOR TOO LONG, the Satanic characterization has been evoked to control the outsider. FOR TOO LONG, we have submitted on knees in servitude to the ministers of shame. Shall we surrender to the siren song of the religious right until she transforms us into beasts?” (This quote alone seems to imply the RISE of satanism with the NEW satanic/NWO America, and the DECLINE of what USED to be known as the OLD America.)

“As we stand on the CROSSROADS on history let us confront the blind and self-righteous – the persecutors of thought and reason.”

“All hail the NEW AMERICAN ERA.”

The “crossroads” are obviously symbolizing the duality between good and evil: the crossing away from the Old 1776 America and into the New Age 2015 America, only 239 years later on the NINTH Christmas full moon.

The “New American Era” is obviously referencing the coming New World Order that will finally give birth and rise to Satan himself, now that satanism has “officially” made declaration here in America.

The “dawning” of course is the DAWNING of the fully illuminated Lucifer, who is the “bright and morning star”; the DAWNING of the New America/New Age; the DAWNING of the satanic kingdom; the DAWNING and BEGINNING of the New World Order.

When will you see this official DAWNING celestially? The Full Moon. On Christmas Day, just 239 years after the FIRST DAWNING which represented the DAWNING of Old America.


Could the “crowning” of the Pyramid reach its completion this upcoming Christmas?

Note how the term “crowning” also has to do with BIRTHING.

Of course, I’m NOT saying it will “officially” take place on Christmas. However, I am saying around this time-frame: 2015-2016; the Jewish year 5776; and definitely some time afterward. 

We’re definitely seeing a speed-up toward that direction.

It’s only a matter of time, and it will “unofficially” begin with the bursting of the Hoover Dam: A “Birthing” to the New World Order, if you will.

And, coincidently enough, we’re seeing DAMS being targeted all across America, coincidently around the same time as winter solstice/Christmas.

Remember, nothing is ever just a mere coincidence…


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9/23 Must Read! The Biblical Month We Are Truly Living In!

There have been so many references pointing to “9/23/15″ in mainstream media. From TV to movies to video games and even to music videos, we’ve seen that date just about any and everywhere.

Everyone coorelated this date with “chaos,” and suspected a “cataclysmic event” would occur on September 23, 2015, or 9/23/15, or 23/9 for much of the world.

And, of course, nothing “BIG” occurred — although sizable events did occur around that very same day and week: such as the 266th Pope’s arrival to America on the 266th day of the year to visit the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama — the first time Pope Francis has ever made a visit to America, by the way; the Pope to address the UN; the UN “kickoff” (which is really the long-awaited “kickoff” of the NWO in disguise); and the Pope coming together with every world religion on stage — the first [formal] instance of the New World, One World Religion.

But there was no asteriod. There was no major earthquake. No tsunami. No comet. No “solar flare.” No EMP/Blackout. No nuke. No bomb. No nothing.

As it may SEEM.

Could all this “9/23/15″ hullabaloo be potentially referring to ANOTHER DATE?

Biblically speaking, “9/23,” or the Twenty-Third Day of the Ninth Month, is nowhere near September, nor is it anywhere IN September for that matter. In fact, Biblically speaking, September 23rd according to this year’s calendar occurred on the Eighth Day of the Seventh Month (NOT the Tenth Day because the New Moon was spotted two days later than anticipated, on September 15th, NOT on September 13th. That means the True Day of Atonement occurred two days later than expected, on September 24th-25th, which is also the Tenth Day of the Seventh Month: as spoken in the Book of Leviticus.)

So if the end of September was really in fact the Seventh Month, when exactly is the Twenty-Third Day of the Ninth Month?

Well, the Ninth Month of this year just so happened to began in Mid-November, when the New Moon was spotted on November 12th-13th.

And, coincidently enough, what event kicked off the very beginning of the Ninth Month?

You guessed it!


Which occurred on the Second Day of the Ninth Month! Directly on the Sabbath Day! ***(NOTE: When the Paris attacks occurred, they occurred Friday evening for Paris and Saturday for much of the world — which is the Sabbath Day, or the Second Day of the Ninth Month. However, here in the Americas, this actually occurred on the First Day of the Ninth Month — the Friday BEFORE sunset — due to time differences.)***

So could the period between November and December potentially point to ”9/23/15?”

According to the Biblical Calendar, if November 12th-13th began the Ninth Month as the New Moon was spotted during that time, then the Twenty-Third Day of the Ninth Month brings us right to the Beginning of December!

More accurately, December 4th thru 5th!

Will a “Big Event” occur on December 4th or December 5th, 2015?

I don’t know. Only time will tell. I’m not a date-setter. Neither am I a predictor of events. But I just thought it interesting that Biblically Speaking, the Ninth Month of the Year kicked off with the Paris Attacks, with Martial Law Declared in France…

Not to mention the 13th Day of November, 2015, 11/13/15, or “Friday the 13th!” Which also occurred on the Sabbath Day!

In case you’re still lost, here’s a visual representation of the Biblical Ninth Month, November-December 2015:

THE NINTH MONTH (November-December 2015):

  • (S) Denotes THE SABBATH DAY
  • 1st Day = November 12th – 13th — NEW MOON SPOTTED
  • 2nd Day = November 13th – 14th (S) — DAY OF THE PARIS ATTACKS
  • 3rd Day = November 14th – 15th
  • 4th Day = November 15th – 16th
  • 5th Day = November 16th – 17th
  • 6th Day = November 17th – 18th
  • 7th Day = November 18th – 19th
  • 8th Day = November 19th – 20th
  • 9th Day = November 20th – 21st (S)
  • 10th Day = November 21st – 22nd
  • 11th Day = November 22nd – 23rd
  • 12th Day = November 23rd – 24th
  • 13th Day = November 24th – 25th
  • 14th Day = November 25th – 26th — THANKSGIVING (Biblical Days are from sunset to sunset. Because the 14th Day BEGINS on Wednesday at sunset, the 14th Day ENDS on Thursday at sunset. So we would place Thanksgiving here and NOT on the 15th day, since Thanksgiving technically begins at midnight on Thursday: right in-between the sunset on Wednesday, to the sunset on Thursday.)
  • 15th Day = November 26th – 27th
  • 16th Day = November 27th – 28th (S)
  • 17th Day = November 28th – 29th
  • 18th Day = November 29th – 30th
  • 19th Day = November 30th – December 1st
  • 20th Day = December 1st – 2nd
  • 21st Day = December 2nd – 3rd
  • 22nd Day = December 3rd – 4th
  • 23rd Day = December 4th – 5th (S) — “9/23”
  • 24th Day = December 5th – 6th
  • 25th Day = December 6th – 7th
  • 26th Day = December 7th – 8th
  • 27th Day = December 8th – 9th
  • 28th Day = December 9th – 10th
  • 29th Day = December 10th – 11th
  • 30th Day = December 11th – 12th (S)


  • Biblical Months have 30 Days in them, or 12 Months in a Year, for a Total of 360 Days in a Year
  • A Biblical Month begins whenever the New Moon is spotted
  • It is also worth mentioning that this particular month, the Biblical Ninth Month, ALIGNS PERFECTLY with the Lunar Calendar Month… The only Month of the Biblical Year to do so. I don’t know if this could possibly mean anything either…
  • We could also see 13 New Moons during this Biblical Year…

***Also note the Sabbath Days: which occur on the 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th Days of the Month.

Now there are a few interesting facts worth noting here about this [Biblical] Month in particular:

  1. There are FIVE SABBATHS in this month as opposed to the Common FOUR — and the Fifth Sabbathoccurs at the very end of the Ninth Month, on the 30th Day (The Sabbath is Biblically Significant because that is the Day YHWH gave to us as His Holy Day — the Day to Worship Him, and the Day of Rest — NOT SUNDAY. The Sabbath begins on Friday at sunset and ends on Saturday at sunset.)
  2. It is the Ninth Month of the Biblical Year (NINE has prophetic significance in the Bible: mostly to represent the END, or FINALITY.)
  3. If you notice that on the Day of the Paris Attacks, which occurred on the Second Day of the Ninth Month, the attacks occurred on the very First Sabbath of the Ninth Month! The “kickoff,” if you will, to the Ninth Month of the Biblical Year!
  4. The Twenty-Third Day of the Ninth Month, December 4th thru 5th, ALSO occurs on a Sabbath Day! On the Seventh Day! The Day of Completion!
  5. If you look closely, the timeframe between the Second Day of the Month and the Twenty-Third Day of the Month is exactly twenty-one days apart! Three Sabbaths apart! Why is this so significant? BecauseThree Sabbaths, or twenty-one days, make “three sevens,” or 7-7-7. (SEVEN is also a very significant number in the Bible! It represents completion and perfection!)
  6. The Twenty-Third Day of the Ninth Month will also mark the Fourth Sabbath of the Month (FOUR is also significant in the Bible as it relates to Creation!)
  7. The Twenty-Third Day of the Ninth Month is precisely three weeks, or Three Sabbaths BEFORE CHRISTMAS! Again, here we have the “three sevens” 7-7-7 pattern. (It’s also interesting to note that, this year in particular, Christmas 2015 will occur on a Sabbath Day, the Final Sabbath of 2015.)



Think this is all just one great big coincidence?

Think again.

Let’s also note other notable events that are occurring, and have occurred during this Biblical Ninth Month, such as:

  • November 13th: “Friday the 13th,” said to be “the unluckiest day of the year” — but this day most notably BEGINS THE SABBATH. This day not only coincided with the Paris attacks, but also other notable events associated on or about this date: such as the Baghdad bombing; the Lebanon bombings; the earthquakes in Japan; the Sinjar offensive in Iraq; the Strasbourg train wreck; and much much more. It is also worth noting that during the Bataclan concert hall, the Eagles of Death Metal played this song just moments preceding the attacks: “Kiss the Devil.” Could this be an indication of something deeper?
    • ​It’s also worth mentioning that the only other “Friday the 13th” dates to occur in 2015 were in both February AND March, the SECOND and THIRD months of the secular year: or 2,3. Another “23″ reference! Not to mention “November 13th” is exactly 9 months following “February 13th.” Another “9/23″ reference!
    • But Biblically speaking, the “New Year” began on March 20, 2015, so we must discount both February 13th and March 13th from this current Biblical Year, as these dates occurred and coincided with the previous Biblical Year. The next “Friday the 13th” is not set to occur again until next year, on May 13th, 2016 — the following Biblical Year. Which means Friday, November 13th, 2015, will be the ONLY “Friday the 13th” to occur within this CURRENT Biblical Year!
  • The 2015 G-20 Antalya Summit in Antalya, Turkey: which occurred from November 15th to November 16th. Many political leaders attended. By the way, the same man who mentioned the “500 Days of Climate Chaos,” the French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, was also in attendance in place of French President Hollande — who could not attend because of the well-pre-planned, well-thought-out, well-executed Paris Attacks. Putin, Obama, Erdogan the President of Turkey, and Merkel the president of Germany were also in attendance — among many others.
  • NERC GridEx III: National Grid Security Exercise Test that took place across the entire U.S.A. occurringfrom November 18th to November 19th — the third “test” to take place. The fourth “test” is to take place in November 2017.
  • APEC Philippines 2015 in Manila, Philippines: which occurred from November 18th to November 19th. Putin was also scheduled to attend, but due to the Metrojet Flight 9268 incident, he was instead replaced by former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev. Other political leaders were also in attendance.
  • Tenth East Asia Summit: to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from November 21st to November 22nd. Obama will be in attendance, as well as Russian prime minister Dmitry Medvedev. Many other political leaders are also to be in attendance.
  • The Papal Pastoral Visit to Africa: including countries such as Kenya; Uganda; and the Central African Republic. From November 25th to November 30th.
  • The U.N. “Climate Change” Conference in Paris, France: which is set to occur from November 30th to December 11th — occurring all the way through to the VERY END of the Ninth Month! Many political leaders will be in attendance. Not to mention this event is to take place JUST DAYS following the Paris Attacks… within the same Biblical Month, might I add. Coincidence?!
  • Ongoing War in Syria
  • Ongoing War in Iraq
  • Ongoing European/American Migrant Crisis
  • Boko Haram Bombing in Yola, Nigeria: which took place on November 17th, 2015.
  • Mali Hotel Attack: on November 20th, 2015.
  • Blackout in Crimea: Millions left without power! Another State of Emergency Declared! on November 21st, 2015.
  • And, of course, the year 2015 is the International Year of Light — according to the U.N.

CONCLUSION: Could all of this be pointing to December 4th or 5th, 2015, for the next “false flag?”

Will anything occur on December 4th or 5th, 2015?

Which also happens to be the Biblical Twenty-Third Day of the Ninth Month?

As well as the Sabbath Day?

Am I saying a “catastrophic” or “cataclysmic event” will occur on that day, or any day during this Biblical Ninth Month period?


I am NOT a date-setter, neither am I a predictor of events or dates.

However, it is interesting to note just how all of this relates Biblically speaking, and just how many “coincidences” we are seeing take place in just this Ninth Month alone.

Not to mention the Paris Attacks occurring on the First Sabbath of the Ninth Month — on the ONLY “Friday the 13th” day of the ENTIRE Biblical Year — the “kickoff” to the Ninth Month! That, along with all of the other major current events listed above.

Could the “9/23/15″ date that’s popping up everywhere possibly refer to the Twenty-Third Day of the Biblical Ninth Month, which is tantamount to December 4th thru 5th, 2015? 

I don’t know. Possibly. Only time will tell.

I thought it would be interesting to “decode” this Ninth Month Biblically, and piece everything together…

PLEASE WAKE UP we’re currently living in the Biblical Ninth Month, and not the secular eleventh/twelfth months!

Could all of this mean anything?

Well, based on what we’ve seen so far, this Ninth Month is already off to a good start.

But, I’ll let you decide for yourself.

And please, as always, let me know what you think! smiley

P.S. – If you know or happen to know of any other major events that are occurring between November 12th thru December 11th, 2015, please list them below!

P.P.S. – I know many will try to argue that the New Moon was spotted on November 11th according to most calendars, HOWEVER, we must add AN ADDITIONAL TWO DAYS to November 11th, 2015 because the New Moon in September wasn’t spotted UNTIL TWO DAYS LATER, ON SEPTEMBER 15TH, INSTEAD OF ON SEPTEMBER 13TH. Therefore, we must to do the same IN NOVEMBER — which leads us to November 13th, 2015 as the start of the Biblical Ninth Month.