Are YOU A Terrorist?


What’s With All The Worldwide Terror Threats?


With all the “terror threats” and “terror scares” going on, one has to wonder what is TRULY going on in today’s world.

Not to mention the DHS “upping” the “terror threat” just weeks ago.

Now Obama has said there is “no credible threat” over the holidays. But just how “credible” is this… especially when they said this just before the Paris attacks AND the San Bernardino shootings?

Here are just some of several sources which show and detail “suspicions” of terror threats and “increased security measures” worldwide:











NOT TO MENTION THE VARIOUS BOMB THREATS ACROSS NORTH AMERICA (28 of which have been reported within the past week!)

Lockdowns have already taken place!



You can Google “terror threat,” and just about hundreds, if not thousands of sources will pop up!

Many of which have been posted or reported within the past few weeks!

From schools to stores to public events and even to churches, one can only imagine the “terror” that is to come.

But just what is REALLY taking place?

Is there really ANY “terror threat” at all?

Or is this another way for the mainstream media and/or Government to propagandize the people into THINKING there is “terror” when there really isn’t, and therefore declare “Martial Law” and “lockdowns” without actually even declaring them?

Is this just another big UWEX-JADE HELM military drill?

Or are they really planning and plotting another false-flag(s)?

Are these just more failed attempts to instill fear into the people and control them via fear? Via MIND CONTROL?

You decide.

Only time will tell what is to come. I don’t know if there will be another false-flag, but it’s imperative to remain ALERT at all times.

And, as always, stay prayerful; stay vigilant; and stay ready.